Phillipa Soo

Soo in 2013, photo by Prphotos

Place of Birth: Libertyville, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 31, 1990

*Chinese (father)
*English, Scottish, Irish (mother)

Phillipa Soo is an American actress and singer. She is known for her performance as Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler in the Broadway musical Hamilton. Phillipa’s father, David Soo, is a first generation Chinese-American. Phillipa’s mother, Sheila Chapman, is white, with English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry, and was born in Illinois.

Phillipa is married to actor Steven Pasquale.

Phillipa’s maternal grandfather was Jonas Chapman (the son of Frederick Lesslie Chapman and Anna Mae Eater). Anna was the daughter of Jonas Washington Eater and Julia Etta Campbell.

Phillipa’s maternal grandmother was Anna Mae Page (the daughter of Raleigh Rowe Page and Edith Rosella Hill).

Source: Genealogies and obituaries of Phillipa’s maternal grandparents, Jonas Chapman and Anna Mae (Page) Chapman –


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    How do you know all those ethnicities on her mother’s side?

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