Celeste Thorson

Celeste Thorson

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Place of Birth: Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 23, 1984

Ethnicity: Korean (one quarter), Mexican (about 3/16ths), Lebanese/Syrian (one eighth), Scottish, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, English

Celeste Thorson is an American actress, model, screenwriter, and activist for human and environmental rights.

Celeste is the daughter of Lisa, a fine artist, and Eric Thorson, a U.S. marine. Her father was born in South Korea, and was adopted as a child in Colorado, by Constance Jean “Connie” and Morris H. Thorson; he is of Korean and Scottish-Irish/Northern Irish descent, while his adoptive family is of Norwegian and German ancestry. Her mother is of one quarter Lebanese/Syrian, three eighths Mexican, and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, English, and Irish, descent. Celeste is also said to have Apache Native American ancestry. It is not clear if this Apache Native American ancestry has been verified/documented.

Celeste’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Shephard Fandey (the son of Zaid Fandey and Katherine/Catherine Alleen Crozier). Joseph was born in Texas. Zaid was from Rachaya, Syria, now Lebanon. Katherine was born in Texas, the daughter of Wilbur Force Crozier and Susan Anita Donaldson, and had Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and likely English, ancestry.

Celeste’s maternal grandmother was Edith D. Sullivan (who likely was the daughter of Henry Sullivan and Amalia/Amelia Chavez). Edith was born in New Mexico. Henry was the son of John Sullivan, who was of Irish descent, and of Constancia Tafoya, who was of Mexican descent. Amalia was the daughter of Jose Maria Chavez and Manuela Sanchez, who were of Mexican origin.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. madman says:

    South Korean —> Korean

    Lisa and Eric Thorson —> Lisa Ann (Fandey) and Eric Mark Thorson

    According to Wikipedia, her father was born in South Korea and was adopted as a child by a family in Colorado.

    This is her adopted paternal grandmother:

    This is her father:

    Her father was adopted by Constance Jean “Connie” (Wobig) and Morris H. Thorson. The family was of Norwegian and German descent.

    Indeed Joseph was her maternal grandfather. I have no idea why I wrote Henry. Joseph on a census:

    Katherine/Catherine was the daughter of Wilbur Force Crozier and Susan Anita Donaldson, and had Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), and probably English, ancestry.


    As bablah, I’m pretty sure the Edith he linked is her grandmother. The family had connections to New Mexico, and this Edith D. Sullivan was born there. This is her on a census:

    It would mean that her grandmother was the daughter of Henry Sullivan and Amalia Chavez. Henry was the son of John Sullivan, who was of Irish descent, and Constancia Tafoya ancestry. Amalia was the daughter of Jose Maria Chavez and Manuela Sanchez.


    I think for now, Apache and Spanish can be replaced by Mexican. She might have Apache roots, but all her recent ancestors are listed as “White”, so it’s not documented.

    • bablah says:

      I wouldn’t discount her father also being half white since he was born during the war, and a lot of those half-Korean babies were sent of to America to be adopted. Sometimes by the child’s biological family, sometimes by strangers.
      Oh, and I’m a she.

      • madman says:

        Yes, given that the other “rumours” about her ancestry appears accurate, that is probably also true. She is, by the way, a rare case of a celebrity whose rumoured ancestry ended up being almost completely accurate, yet very diverse at the same time (without exaggeration).

        And I’m sorry for my sexism.

  2. madman says:

    She is the daughter of Lisa Ann (Fandey) and Eric Mark Thorson.

    Her maternal grandparents were Henry Daniel Fandey and Edith D. Sullivan.

  3. andrew says:

    I didnt know she is part Apache…

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