Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey

Birth Name: Patrick Galen Dempsey

Place of Birth: Lewiston, Maine, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 13, 1966

Ethnicity: German, English, Scottish, remote Swedish, possibly 5/2048 Native American

Patrick Dempsey is an American actor and car racer.

Patrick is the son of Amanda and William Dempsey. His father was born William Allen Schlossnagle, and took the surname of his own stepfather, John W. Dempsey.

Patrick is married to hairstylist and makeup artist Jillian Fink, with whom he has three children.

Patrick’s paternal grandfather was Asa B. Schlossnagle (the son of Adam William Schlossnagle and Edith V. Friend). Asa was born in Maryland. Adam was born in Maryland, the son of German parents, Christoph Schlossnagle and Cooney Cunnigunda. Edith was the daughter of Isaiah Friend and Julia A. Casteel.

Patrick’s paternal grandmother was Jane Devonshire (the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Devonshire and Lydia Jennette “Nettie” Mattson). Jane was born in Maryland. Benjamin was the son of Benjamin Devonshire and Ellen Montgomery. Lydia was the daughter of James Mattson and Elizabeth Mary Carroll.

Patrick’s maternal grandparents were John L. Casson and Margaret E. Grubb (the daughter of J. Wesley Grubb and Sarah/Sallie Jane Cass). Margaret was born in Pennsylvania. J. Wesley was the son of Amos Grubb and Charlotte Hook. Sarah was the daughter of George W. Cass and Amanda C. McVaugh.

Patrick’s matrilineal line can be traced to Silindra Clinda Hansell, who was born c. 1818, and to her mother, Mary Sehman.

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  1. andrew says:

    On his “Friend” line Patrick Dempsey has at least 1/256 Lenape/Delaware Native American ancestry through Karrenhappuck Hyatt. He also has more distant Native American and Finnish ancestry

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