Mary Lambert and gnash in Concert at Mix 106's and Q102's Performance Theatre in Bala Cynwyd - July 21, 2016

Birth Name: Garrett Charles Nash

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 16, 1993

Ethnicity: Norwegian (maternal grandmother), English, German, Irish, Scottish, distant Swedish, 1/1024th Lenape Native American

gnash is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, DJ, and record producer.

He is the son of Helene Carol (Lynn) and Charles Warner Nash.

gnash’s maternal grandmother was the daughter of Norwegian parents. The rest of gnash’s ancestry is mostly English and German, with some Irish and Scottish roots. He also has distant Swedish ancestry from the Colonial American period, as well as 1/1024th Lenape Native American roots, through Wa Ku Su To Me “Bright Lighting”, a princess of the Lenape tribe, who was born, c. 1658, in the colony of New Sweden (present-day Delaware); she married Hendrick Andersson Coleman, who was born in Finland.

gnash’s paternal grandparents’ surnames were Nash and Smith.

gnash’s maternal grandfather was Stanley Chester Lynn (the son of Chester E. Lynn and Lena Fern Owery/Owrey). gnash’s great-grandfather Chester was the son of Albert Chadwick Lynn and Lydia Jane Stepp/Steppe. Lena was the daughter of David S. Owery/Owrey and Hannah Nye.

gnash’s maternal grandmother was Evelyn Hildur Andersen (the daughter of Helmer Andersen and Helene Gaarstad). Helmer and Helene were Norwegian immigrants.

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