Owen Wilson

Wilson in 2011, photo by PR Photos

Birth Name: Owen Cunningham Wilson

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 18, 1968

Ethnicity: Irish

Owen Wilson is an American actor, writer, and producer. Owen is the son of Laura Wilson (born Laura Cunningham), a photographer, and Robert Andrew Wilson, a public television station operator and advertising executive. He is the brother of actors Andrew Wilson and Luke Wilson. He is of Irish descent.

Owen has three children, including one each with his former partners, Jade Duell and Caroline Lindqvist.

Owen’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Murray Wilson (the son of Andrew Thomas Wilson and Julia Gertrude Murray). Joseph was born in Massachusetts. Andrew was born in Massachusetts, to a father from Louisiana, John S. Wilson, and a mother from Ireland, Mary Ann O’Connor. Julia was born in Massachusetts, to Irish parents, Owen Murray and Nora Morrissey.

Owen’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth McGrail (the daughter of Michael Joseph McGrail and Mary Catherine Sherman). Elizabeth was born in Massachusetts. Michael was born in Massachusetts, to Irish parents, Michael McGrail and Catherine Mahoney. Owen’s great-grandmother Mary Catherine was the daughter of George W. Sherman and Mary O’Connor, who was Irish.

Owen’s maternal grandfather was Edward J. Cunningham (the son of John Francis Cunningham and Mary Elizabeth Ryan). Edward was born in Massachusetts. Owen’s great-grandfather John was born in Massachusetts, the son of Lawrence Cunningham, who was Irish, and of Mary J. Whorley, who was born in Massachusetts, to Irish parents. Owen’s great-grandmother Mary Elizabeth was born in Massachusetts, the daughter of Irish parents, James/John E. Ryan and Dora.

Owen’s maternal grandmother was Rosemary White (the daughter of John L./E. White and Regina D. Donoghue). Rosemary was born in New York. John and Regina were born in New York, and all of their own parents were Irish.

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