Nana Meriwether

Miss USA Pageant Contestants Dinner at Tao Restaurant in Las Vegas on May 28, 2012

Meriwether in 2012, photo by PRPhotos

Place of Birth: Acornhoek, South Africa

Date of Birth: 24 May, 1985

*African-American (father)
*South African (mother)

Nana Meriwether is an American philanthropist, professional volleyball player, and beauty pageant titleholder. She was Miss Maryland USA 2012. She was then first runner-up to the Miss USA 2012 contest, representing Maryland, and won the title after the 2012 winner, Olivia Culpo, won Miss Universe 2012. She founded the nonprofit organization the Meriwether Foundation.

Nana was born in Acornhoek, South Africa, where her parents were then doing volunteer work. Her parents are both black. Her father, Delano Meriwether, is an American physician, who was the head of the U.S. Government immunization program during the 1976 swine flu outbreak; and a track and field athlete, who was the 1971 U.S. outdoor track and field champion in the 100-yard dash. Her mother, Nomvimbi Meriwether, is a South African lawyer.

Nana was raised in Potomac, Maryland, U.S. She is said to speak some Zulu and Xhosa.

Nana’s paternal grandfather was named Wilhelm R. Meriwether. Wilhelm was a principal of Burke High School in Charleston, South Carolina.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. ihatemostpeople says:

    She looks part Dominican.

    • midori29 says:

      Dominican is still black

      • WTF says:

        not ALL dominicans are black. the dominican republic is a very mixed nation. there are black dominicans, mixed race domincans, and white dominicans. some dumbass ignorant bastards thing the DR is only black like straight up african but it’s very mixed. the majority are mulattoes

  2. Brown girls rock says:

    Gorgeous African woman and this is a gorgeous picture

    • AnonymousPerson says:

      She’s not African. She’s Black American. I hate when people say they’re “African American” when them and their ancestors have been American for at least 100+ years.

      • AnonymousPerson says:

        I bet most “African Americans” don’t even have a straight up African grandma and grandpa.

      • Linda says:

        actually she is indeed African American..her mother is originally from south Africa and her grand parents are still resident there.

      • sarahle says:

        yeah, but if its up on it, they say they are AFRICAN american…. anyways, whats the problem with that? why “black african” should deny their african heritage? an asian looking american will not deny his heritage either. asian-american, african-american, europe-american, native-american, etc…. its okay to say that. people should be proud of their background.

  3. ricoh says:

    She’s beautiful.

  4. fuzzybear44 says:

    not crazy about this picture

  5. fuzzybear44 says:

    To Ethnic

    You need a better picture of her

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