Kathryn Hahn

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Place of Birth: Westchester, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 23, 1973

*62.5% German
*37.5% mix of Irish, and some English

Kathryn Hahn is an American actress and comedian. Her roles include Step Brothers, The Visit, Parks and Recreation, Mrs. Fletcher, and I Know This Much Is True, among others.

She was raised Catholic.

Kathryn is married to actor Ethan Sandler, with whom she has two children.

Kathryn’s paternal grandfather was George Joseph Hahn (the son of John Nicholas Hahn and Mary Elizabeth Weber). George was born in Ohio. John was German. Mary Elizabeth was born in Ohio, the daughter of German parents, John B. Weber and Johanna.

Kathryn’s paternal grandmother was Frances Jane O’Connell (the daughter of Charles David O’Connell and Ella Madeline Harrington). Frances was born in Ohio. Charles was born in Michigan, the son of Irish parents, John Edmond/Edmund O’Connell and Mary Daly, from Limerick. Ella was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Irish parents, David Harrington and Mary Brown.

Kathryn’s maternal grandfather was Norman F. Bunker (the son of Henry F. Bunker and Mary Ann Motsch). Norman was born in Ohio. Henry was born in Ohio, and was likely the son of Ferdinand Bunker, who was German, and of Julia A. DeWitt, who was born in Ohio, to German parents. Mary Ann was also born in Ohio, the daughter of Joseph Motsch, who was born in Ohio, to Bavarian German parents, and of Elizabeth Oster, who was born in Ohio, to Prussian German parents.

Kathryn’s maternal grandmother was Mary C./K. Lunenschloss (the daughter of Edward Joseph Lunenschloss and Mary Margaret Dougherty). Kathryn’s grandmother Mary was born in Wisconsin. Edward was born in Wisconsin, the son of Frank X. Lunenschloss, who was born in Wisconsin, to German parents, and of Anna “Annie” Rieck, who was also born in Wisconsin, also to German parents. Kathryn’s great-grandmother Mary Margaret was born in Wisconsin, of Irish and English descent, including roots in County Donegal, and was the daughter of Clement Francis Dougherty and Kansas A. Elliott.

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