Miley Cyrus

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Birth Name: Destiny Hope Cyrus

Place of Birth: Franklin, Tennessee, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 23, 1992

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, possibly other

Miley Cyrus is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She is known for starring as the title character on the television series Hannah Montana.

Miley is the daughter of Leticia (Finley) and singer, songwriter, and actor Billy Ray Cyrus. Her paternal grandfather, Ron Cyrus (Ronald Ray Cyrus), was a Democratic politician and public worker. Among her siblings are actress and singer Noah Cyrus and musician Trace Cyrus. Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, she has officially changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus. She has also been credited as Ashley O, the name of her Black Mirror character, and Miley Hemsworth.

Miley’s mother was adopted, as she has stated.

Several family trees indicate that the Cyrus surname was spelled Siers many generations back. Most or all of Miley’s father’s ancestors since the start of the 1800s were born in the United States. Much of her father’s ancestry is English, along with Scottish, Irish, and Welsh.

Miley has stated that she has Cherokee Native American ancestry, as has her father. It is not clear if this Cherokee Native American ancestry has been verified/documented. As of yet, no evidence of Miley’s Native American ancestry has been produced.

Miley’s paternal grandfather was Ronald Ray Cyrus (the son of The Rev. Eldon Lindsey/Lindsay Cyrus and Verlina Adeline Hay). Ronald was born in Kentucky. He was a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives, from 1975 to 1996, and Executive Secretary and Treasurer of the Kentucky AFL-CIO, from 1984 to 1986. The Rev. Eldon was a Pentecostal preacher, and was the son of Joseph Morgan Cyrus and Sarah Elvessa Hayes. Verlina was the daughter of Martin Alexander Hay and Mary Jane Hayes.

Miley’s paternal grandmother is Ruth Ann Casto (the daughter of William Clayton Casto and Mary Guila/Guilla Boggs). Ruth was born in Kentucky. William was the son of Joseph C./Johnsey Casto and Josie E. Johnson. Mary was the daughter of Clement Alexander Boggs and Leora Olive McAtee.

Miley’s adoptive maternal grandfather was Glenmore Finley (the son of Benjamin Harrison Finley and Ada Cornett). Glenmore was born in Kentucky. Benjamin was the son of John Patton Finley and Nancy Louisa Berry.

Miley’s adoptive maternal grandmother was Loretta Jean Palmer (the daughter of Neville Hardy Palmer and Nellie Burch Howard). Loretta was born in Kentucky. Neville was the son of Andrew Jackson Palmer and Fannie Pink Woolum. Nellie was the daughter of Adren/Adron D. Howard and Fronie/Frony Hill.

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  1. tlvierha says:

    Ceelizabethma is correct. “Tish” Cyrus (aka Miley Cyrus’ mother) was adopted. Someone should edit this site. I found at least one source for an interview where she states it herself:

  2. ceelizabethma says:

    her mother is adopted so we cant truly know her whole ethnic backgroud

  3. Aiden says:

    Hannah Montana

  4. Manila says:

    I suggest you to add her half-brother Trace Cyrus to this site. It’s up to you on constructing his ancestry, especially on his biological father’s side.

  5. Real880 says:

    Of course you would think she look them. She’s White and Native American. Natives are related to Siberian and Turks

    • TheHelper says:

      She’s not Native American at all. Natives are not related to Turks. Asians are kinda of related to Siberians. Siberia used to be White land until Asians invaded thousands of years ago.

      • Real880 says:

        Yes they are related to Turks. There’s numerous studies and documentaries that talks about this. Many Natives came to the Americas in different bands. Some directly from Siberia, some from Central Asia/Turks, some from Polynesia and East Asia. This is what makes up the DNA of Native Americans. In fact the Kennewick man even had small percentage of Caucasian DNA.

        • Freerk says:

          Turkish is not Turkic. In the state of Turkey you have descendants of Greeks, NW Arabs, European steppe peoples, Romans, Celts (“Galatia” in Anatolia), and even Germanics. The last two may be red-haired or even blonde.

        • Freerk says:

          … and of course people who look Central Asian… (not as many as one might think)

      • Real880 says:

        btw Siberians are Asian genetically.

    • ses101 says:

      Natives might be related to Turks, but only in the way that Europeans and almost every other non-black race are, ie, our ancestors stopped off there on their way to other countries thousands of years ago. Real Turks barely exist now because they were forced out by Muslim invasions.

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