Michael Socha

Michael Socha

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Birth Name: Michael Robert Socha

Place of Birth: Derby, Derbyshire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: December 13, 1987

Ethnicity: Polish, English, Irish, Italian

Michael Socha is a British actor.

He is the son of Kathleen and Czeslaw Socha. His sister is actress Lauren Socha. Michael has a son with his partner Faye.

Michael’s paternal grandfather was surnamd Socha.

Michael’s paternal grandmother was surnamed Alnoci.

Michael’s maternal grandfather was named Michael T. Lyons.

Michael’s maternal grandmother was named Bridget Stack.

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  1. stlucas says:

    “Irish, Italian, Polish and confused.”

  2. passingtime85 says:


    Michael and his sister Lauren may have Jewish ancestry as Lauren’s IMDB page originally stated “Her parents Robert Socha and Kathleen Lyons are Jewish, her grandparents immigrated from Poland during World War 2.” It has since been removed by an “anonymous” poster, but maybe Michael and Lauren’s ancestry needs further review.

    • follers says:

      The IMDB is why I created this page, actually.

      I could find no reason to think that both of his parents are Jewish (!), or even that he has any Jewish ancestry. He and his sister went to Catholic school, for one.

      • passingtime85 says:

        Well going to a Catholic HS isn’t exactly proof, people of any ethnic and religious background can attend one.

        Also, though it’s uncommon, Lyons has been known to be a Jewish surname.

        • follers says:

          In England, it’s still uncommon for non-Catholics to go to Catholic school, although it does happen.

          There are two man on the records who could be his “Lyons” maternal grandfather, one’s mother’s maiden name is “Shaw”, and the other’s is “Sanderson”.

          I haven’t seen any evidence outside of the IMDB that Socha has Jewish ancestry. Whoever submitted it to the IMDB didn’t even state that Socha has just some Jewish ancestry; rather, they put in that both of his parents are Jewish, which is clearly false.

          “Bridget” and “Kathleen” are often Irish names, and there are also many Irish people named “Lyons”. I think it’s possible his mother is of Irish heritage to some degree. “Socha” is almost always a non-Jewish Polish surname. I can’t find any Jewish “Socha” families in England.

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