Michael Chaves

Chaves in 2019, photo by kathclick/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Michael James Chaves

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: January 11, 1980

*father – Portuguese
*mother – English, French/French-Canadian, Dutch, small amounts of German

Michael Chaves is an American film director, screenwriter, visual effects artist, editor, and executive producer. He has directed The Curse of La Llorona (2019) and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021), and several short films.

He is married to Dina Buglione, with whom he has two children.

Michael’s paternal grandfather was John Joseph Chaves (the son of Manuel J. Chaves and Jacinta C. “Jessie” Pereira/Perry). Michael’s grandfather John was born in Massachusetts, to Portuguese parents. Manuel was the son of Antonio Chaves and Mary Jesus. Michael’s great-grandmother Jacinta was the daughter of Manuel Pereira and Maria.

Michael’s paternal grandmother was Emily Augustino/Agostinho (the daughter of Manuel Agostinho and Anna “Annie” Chaves). Emily was born in Massachusetts, to Portuguese parents. Manuel was the son of John Agostinho and Mary Resendes. Anna was the daughter of José Chaves/de Chaves and Maria Pereira/Perry.

Michael’s maternal grandfather was Norman James Schoonmaker (the son of Robert Selleck Schoonmaker and Esther Head Cadbury). Norman was born in Pennsylvania. Robert was born in New York, the son of Silas Schoonmaker and Deborah Selleck Carpenter. Esther was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of John Warder Cadbury, whose father was English, and of Rebecca Warner.

Michael’s maternal grandmother was Rose Elaine Agambar (the daughter of William J. Agambar and Sadie Mae Gauthier). Rose was born in Massachusetts. William was born in London, England, the son of William Agambar and Jane Hall. Sadie was born in Vermont, the daughter of Frederick H. Arthur Gauthier, whose parents were French-Canadian, and of Minnie Alma Emmagene Snow.

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