Melanie Griffith

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Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 9, 1957

*father – English, as well as Welsh, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, and Scottish
*mother – Swedish, German, Norwegian

Melanie Griffith is an American actress. She is the daughter of Peter Griffith and actress Tippi Hedren. Her half-sister is actress Tracy Griffith. Her father had English, and smaller amounts of Welsh, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, and Scottish, ancestry. Her mother is of half Swedish, one quarter German, and one quarter Norwegian, ancestry.

Melanie has three children, a son with her former husband, actor Steven Bauer; a daughter, actress Dakota Johnson, with her former husband, actor Don Johnson; and a daughter, actress Stella Banderas, with her former husband, Spanish actor Antonio Banderas.

Melanie’s paternal grandfather was Benjamin Elmer Griffith (the son of William Thomas Griffith and Rosa Bond). Benjamin was born in Maryland. William was the son of Abraham Griffith and Ellen M. Gent. Rosa was the daughter of Thomas Bond and Isabella Shugars.

Melanie’s paternal grandmother was Hilda Corine Atwill (the daughter of Robert Clarence Atwill and Lucy Jane McClure). Hilda was born in Maryland. Lucy was the daughter of Albert McClure and Mary Ann Whittle.

Melanie’s maternal grandfather was Bernard Carl “Ben” Hedren (the son of Mattias/Mathias Johnson Hedren and Wilhelmina/Vilhelmina “Winnie”/”Mima” Maria Flygare). Bernard was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents. Mattias was the son of Olof Jonasson and Kristina/Christina Andersdotter Floberg. Wilhelmina was the daughter of Petter Johansson Flygare and Kristina/Christina Maria Jansdotter.

Melanie’s maternal grandmother was Dorothea Henrietta/Henriette Eckhardt (the daughter of Charles “Charley” Eckhardt and Julia Strand). Dorothea was born in Minnesota. Charles was born in New York, to German parents, Frederick Eckhardt and Amelia Stubbe, who was from Hanover. Julia was born in Minnesota, to Norwegian parents, Lars E. Strand and Austine F. Moen.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. billErobreren says:

    being fathered by that man ruined her looks. Tippi, despite being over 80 looks a 1000x more bangable than her daughter & she was rather pretty back in the 80’s

  2. Natasha says:

    Her surname is Welsh.

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