Marsha Thomason

Thomason in 2010, image via Dooley Productions /

Birth Name: Marsha Lisa Thomason

Place of Birth: Moston, Manchester, Lancashire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 19 January, 1976

*English (father)
*African-Jamaican (mother)

Marsha Thomason is a British actress. She is known for her roles on the series Las Vegas, Lost, White Collar, and The Bay, and in the film The Haunted Mansion (2003).

Her father is English, and white. Her mother is Jamaican, and black. Marsha is married to lighting technician Craig Sykes, with whom she has a daughter.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. boxingandmmaguy says:

    she is hot

  2. midori29 says:

    There are near 100 percent African people who are much much lighter than her. Its not about skin tone when it comes to race. Alot of biracials come out looking black. These dna links are near 100 percent black African people.

    82% Black African subsaharans can get very light skinned

    80% Subsaharan African

    100% African Nigerian

    • LoLo A says:

      “African” is not synonymous with the construct of race. (The same with “Asian”.) Not every African is Black or just Black. Tunisians, look different from Botswanans, who look different from Ethiopians (who often are a mixture or racial groups).

      This woman DOES look biracial. It sounds like your perception of Black is clouded by the one-drop rule.

  3. midori29 says:

    I would never think she was biracial. She looks just black to me .

    • Multiethnicchick says:

      You clearly have no idea what a black person looks. She does’t look black at all. Her facial features and hair texture are not of a full black person

  4. alexgxo says:

    Why are people surprised? If we went back 400 years ago, the mulattos you’d all see would more than likely have African usually slave mothers.

    Many of the multi generation mulattos you’d meet in the new world maybe outside of Canada/America probably can trace their first black grandparent as having a African great (insert number) grandmother. .

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