Marissa Neitling

Birth Name: Marissa Lee Neitling

Place of Birth: Lake Oswego, Oregon, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 8, 1984

Ethnicity: Greek (maternal grandfather), Irish, English, German, 1/32 Dutch

Marissa Neitling is an American actress.

Marissa’s paternal grandfather was Stanley Joseph Neitling, Sr. (the son of Joseph George Neitling and Frances H.). Joseph was the son of Nicklaus Neitling, whose own parents were German, and of Theresia Rinner, whose own parents were also German. Frances was born in South Dakota, to a father from Germany and a mother from New York.

Marissa’s paternal grandmother was Mary Veronica Vandenberg (the daughter of David Raymond Vandenberg and Veronica V. McCawley).

Marissa’s great-grandfather David was the son of Henry Vandenberg, whose own parents were Dutch and German, and of Mary Burris, whose own parents were Irish. Marissa’s great-grandmother¬†Veronica was the daughter of W. John McCawley, whose own mother was Irish, and of Mary Ann Brennan, whose own father was Irish and whose own mother was Canadian.

Marissa’s maternal grandfather was Theodore “Ted” William Dress (the son of William Peter Dress and Helen Gianopoulos). Theodore was born in Minnesota, to parents from Greece.

Marissa’s maternal grandmother was Darlene Louise Jones (the daughter of Charles/Charley Jones and Hattie Simms). Charles was the son of Owen Jones and Anne Williams. Hattie was the daughter of John Simms and Agnes, who were both Irish.

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