Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei

Tomei in 2011, photo by Prphotos

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 4, 1964

Ethnicity: Italian

Marisa Tomei is an American actress and producer. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for My Cousin Vinny (1992). Her roles also include Chaplin, Untamed Heart, Only You, The Perez Family, In the Bedroom, Anger Management, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, The Wrestler, Crazy, Stupid, Love., and post-2015 Spider-Man sequels.

Marisa is the daughter of Addie, an English teacher, and Gary Albert Tomei, a trial lawyer. Her brother, Adam Tomei, is also an actor. Her parents are both of Italian descent. Her family is from Tuscany, Calabria, Campania, and Sicily. Marisa has Italian citizenship.

Marisa’s paternal grandfather was Romeo Robert Tomei (the son of Lindoro Tomei and Faustina Maria/Marie Lucchesi). Romeo was born in New York, to Italian parents, from Lucca, Tuscany. Lindoro was born in Ghivizzano, the son of Nicolao Tomei and Angela Puccini. Faustina was born in Vitiana, the daughter of Natale Lucchesi and Matilda Agostini.

Marisa’s paternal grandmother was Rita Albina Elvira Calvosa (the daughter of Modesto Demetrio Carlo/Charles Alberto/”Albert” Calvosa and Maria “Mary” Preziozi/Preziosi/Prezioso). Rita was born in Brooklyn, Kings, New York, to Italian parents. Demetrio was born in San Demetrio Corone, Cosenza, Calabria, the son of Raffaele Placido “Raphael” Calvosa and Serafina Aurora Corrado, whose own father, Don Carlo Maria Corrado, was a royal chancellor, in the government of Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies. Maria was born in Naples, Campania, the daughter of Sabino Preziosi/Prezioso and Filomena/Philomina Biondo/Biondi.

Marisa’s maternal grandfather was Armando Bianchi (the son of Francesco Leopoldo Bianchi and Adelaide Maria Angiola Canovaro). Armando was born in Rio nell’Elba, Livorno, Tuscany, Italy. Francesco was born in Castiglioncello, Livorno, the son of Dionisio Bianchi and Carmine Tacchini. Francesco was murdered when he was 26 years old. Adelaide was born on Elba, an island, part of the Province of Livorno, and was the daughter of Arturo Augusto Aurelio Canovaro and Marianna Taplaberro.

Marisa’s maternal grandmother was named Maria/Mary D’Ignoti (the daughter of Giacomo “James” D’Ignoti). Maria was born in New York, to Sicilian parents, from Messina. Giacomo was the son of Antonino D’Ignoti and Buta Francesca. D’Ignoti, meaning “of the unknown,” was often the surname given to foundling children.

A DNA test whose results were displayed on the show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2019) stated that Marisa’s genetic ancestry is:

*69.5% Italian
*14.6% Broadly Southern European
*3.4% Balkan
*3.4% Broadly European
*3.3% Middle Eastern
*3.3% Northwestern European
*2.0% Iberian
*0.5% Unmatched

Genetically, she was found to have a common ancestor with actress and author Julianne Moore.

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  1. Latinus says:

    Very typical Italian face in both features and pigmentation.

  2. passingtime85 says:

    So is her distant relationship to Julianne Moore going to be mentioned?

  3. andrew says:

    Rita Calvosa on Census:

    Albert Calvosa was the son of Raffaele “Raphael” Calvosa and Serafina Corrado

    Maria Preziosi was the daughter of Sabino Preziosi and Philomina Biondi

    Armando Bianchi and wife on a Census:

  4. andrew says:

    * Maria D’Ignoti was of Sicilian descent
    * Albert Charles Calvosa was from Calabria, Italy
    * Maria Preziozi/Preziosi was likely from Campania, Italy
    * Francesco Leopoldo Bianchi was murdered when he was 26 years old.
    * It’s Cecina, Livorno, Tuscany, Italy. Elba is an island, also part of the Province of Livorno.
    * 50% of Marisa’s ancestry is from Tuscany, Italy.

    Records of Romeo Tomei:
    Rita Calvosa:

  5. midori29 says:

    Meant genetic markers and diseases only shared with subsaharan blackAfricans. @Ectag do not be so racist that you cannot face reality.

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