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Birth Name: Marie-Mai Bouchard

Place of Birth: Varennes, Quebec, Canada

Date of Birth: July 7, 1984

Ethnicity: French-Canadian, with distant Belgian (Walloon), English, Scottish, and Swiss-French, 1/16384 Native Canadian (Mi’kmaq)

Marie-Mai is a Canadian singer. She is the daughter of Jean-Pierre Bouchard and France Lemay. She is married to musician Fred St-Gelais, who is her sixth cousin.

Marie-Mai’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her 8th great-grandfather Jacques Bouchard (c. 1605 in Saint-Cosme-de-Vair, Maine, France – May 20, 1662, Saint-Cosme-de-Vair, Maine, France).

Marie-Mai’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her 3rd great-grandmother Henriette Meunier.

Marie-Mai is a direct descendant of Zacharie Cloutier (c. 1590-1677), a prominent early Quebec settler.

Marie-Mai’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Bouchard (the son of Roger Bouchard and Clémentine Larouche-Gauthier). Roger was the son of Omer Bouchard and Mathilde Tremblay. Clémentine was the daughter of Vildebon Gauthier and Monique St-Gelais.

Marie-Mai’s paternal grandmother was Marie-Alice Desbiens (the daughter of Simon Desbiens and Émilie Angers). Simon was the son of Jean-Baptiste Desbiens and Velzina Boudreault. Émilie was the daughter of Enoch Angers and Louise Amyot-Villeneuve.

Marie-Mai’s maternal grandfather was Henri-Paul Lemay (the son of Antonio Lemay and Jeanne Gervais). Antonio was the son of Delphis Lemay and Marie Jacques. Jeanne was the daughter of Onésime Gervais and Élisabeth Brisson.

Marie-Mai’s maternal grandmother is Jeannine Provençal (the daughter of Wilfrid Provençal and Henriette Thibault). Wilfrid was the son of Joseph Provençal and Alphonsine Moreau-Morier. Henriette was the daughter of Sylvain Thébeau and Marie-Victorie Brault. Sylvain’s 8th great-grandmother was a Mi’kmaq woman. Mi’kmaq is a Native Canadian (First Nations) tribe.

Source: Genealogy of Marie-Mai –

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