María Julia Mantilla

Birth Name: María Julia Mantilla García

Place of Birth: Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru

Date of Birth: 10 July, 1984

Ethnicity: Peruvian [Spanish (Aragonese, possibly other), possibly other], one eighth German, 1/16th Italian

María Julia Mantilla is a Peruvian actress, dancer, model, teacher, and beauty queen. She was crowned Miss World 2004. She is also known as Maju Mantilla.

Maju is the daughter of Elvia Elizabeth García Linares and Olmedo Lucio Mantilla Mayer. Olmedo’s younger sister, María Julia Mantilla Mayer, was crowned Miss Peru 1969, and was the semi-finalist of Miss Universe 1969.

Maju is married to industrial engineer César Gustavo Salcedo Ramírez-Gaston, with whom she has two children.

Maju’s paternal grandfather was Jubal Ulises Mantilla Zolla (the son of Pedro Isaías Mantilla Saavedra and Julia Talia Zolla Bracamonte). Pedro was the son of Augusto Mantilla and Antonia Saavedra. Julia was the daughter of an Italian emigrant, Pietro (or Pedro in Spanish) Zolla, and of Brígida Bracamonte.

Maju’s paternal grandmother was María Luisa Mayer Amat (the daughter of Georg, or Jorge in Spanish, Mayer and María Amat). Maju’s grandmother María Luisa was a Spanish emigrant, from Zaragoza. Georg was German.

Maju’s maternal grandparents were surnamed García and Linares.

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