Mamie Gummer

Mamie Gummer

Gummer in 2010, photo by prphotos

Birth Name: Mary Willa Gummer

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 3, 1983

Ethnicity: Norwegian (paternal grandmother), German, Swiss-German, English, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, approximately 1/16th French, remote Swedish

Mamie Gummer is an American actress. Her roles include The Good Wife franchise and the films Ricki and the Flash and Separation.

She is the daughter of sculptor Don Gummer and actress Meryl Streep. Her siblings are musician and actor Henry Wolfe Gummer, actress Grace Gummer, and model and actress Louisa Jacobson. Mamie is married to writer Mehar Sethi, with whom she has two children.

Mamie’s father has Norwegian, English, German, and one eighth French, ancestry. Mamie’s mother has German, Swiss-German, English, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, and remote French and Swedish, ancestry.

Mamie’s paternal grandfather was William Adolph Gummer (the son of William Adolph Gummer and Rosa L. Hutton). Mamie’s grandfather William was born in Tennessee. Mamie’s great-grandfather William was the son of William Adolph E. Gummer and Kate/Katie E. Robbe, who was of French descent. Rosa was the daughter of John Henry Hutton and Amelia/Emelia Katherine/Catherine Benjes, who was of German descent.

Mamie’s paternal grandmother is Dorothy Jacobson (the daughter of Stanley Jacobsen/Jacobson and Celia/Cecilia/Cecelia Gesme). Dorothy was born in Wisconsin, and all of her great-grandparents were Norwegian. Stanley was the son of Thomas Andreas/Andrew Jacobsen/Jacobson, whose father was from Torshov, Gjerdrum, Akershus and whose mother was from Ukustad, Nannestad, Akershus; and of Berthe Marie/Mary/Mae Eids Bakken/Eidsbakken, whose father was from Sør-Aurdal, Oppland. Mamie’s great-grandmother Celia was the daughter of Jens/James Knudson/Knudtson Gjesme/Gesme, whose parents were from Sogn og Fjordane, and of Inger Arnesdtr Mikkelsen/Mikkelson/Mickelson.

Mamie’s maternal grandfather was Harry William Streep, Jr. (the son of Harry William/Wilbur Streep and Helena/Helen/Carolena “Lena” Huber). Mamie’s grandfather Harry was born in New Jersey, and was a pharmaceutical executive. Mamie’s great-grandfather Harry was the son of Frederick Streeb/Streep and Elizabeth Amberger/Amsberger, who were born in New Jersey, both of them to German immigrant parents. Helena was the daughter of Wilhelm Balthazar “William” Huber, who was Swiss (of Swiss-German background), born in Giswil, in the canton of Obwalden, and of Helena/Carolina Fredericka “Lena” Halter/Haltee, whose parents were German.

Mamie’s maternal grandmother was Mary Wolf Wilkinson (the daughter of Harry Rockafellow Wilkinson and Mary Agnes “Mamie” Wolf). Mamie’s grandmother Mary Wolf was born in Brooklyn, Kings, New York, and was a fine-artist and art editor. Harry was the son of Eleazer Twining Wilkinson and Margaretta/Margaret “Libby” Betts. Mamie’s great-grandmother Mary “Mamie” Agnes was the daughter of Henry Charles Wolf, who was born in Pennsylvania, to German parents, and of Mary Agnes McFadden, who was born in Ireland, the daughter of Manus McFadden and Grace Strain.

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