Luke Hemsworth

Hemsworth in 2015, photo by Prphotos

Place of Birth: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Date of Birth: 5 November, 1980

Ethnicity: Dutch (maternal grandfather), Irish, English, as well as 1/16th German and 1/16th Scottish

Luke Hemsworth is an Australian actor.

Luke is the son of Leonie and Craig Hemsworth. He is the brother of actors Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth.

Luke’s maternal grandfather was a Dutch immigrant. The rest of Luke’s ancestry is approximately 11/32 English, 9/32 Irish, 1/16th German, and 1/16th Scottish.

Luke’s uncle, by marriage, was bushman Rod Ansell, who inspired the character “Crocodile” Dundee. Rod was married to Luke’s aunt (Luke’s mother’s sister), Joanne van Os, an author. Luke is married to Samantha, with whom he has four children.

Luke’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced to John Hemsworth, who was born, c. 1804, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

Luke’s paternal grandfather was Keith Hemsworth (the son of William Hamilton Hemsworth and Frances Margaret Jobson). William was born in Footscray, Victoria, Australia, the son of John Richard Hemsworth, who was of English descent, and of Carroline/Caroline Sophie Fahle, who was the daughter of German emigrants, Heinrich Conrad Fahle, from Minden, Westphalia, then belonging to Prussia, and Carroline/Caroline Schwer, from Hannover. Luke’s great-grandmother Frances was the daughter of John/Jack Jobson, who was of English and Scottish descent, and of Janet Bibby; Janet’s father, Thomas John Bibby, was born in Argyle, Scotland, and Janet’s mother, Ann/Anne/Annie McKeown/McEwan, was born in Dublin, Ireland.

Luke’s paternal grandmother was Gladys Priscilla Outen (the daughter of Charles Whynam Outen and Priscilla Louise Dainton). Charles had English and Irish ancestry, and was the son of Charles George Outen and Bridget Cross. Luke’s great-grandmother Priscilla was the daughter of James Henry Dainton, who was born in Clifton, Gloucestershire, England, and of Elizabeth Victoria Parker, who was born in Devon, England.

Luke’s maternal grandfather is Martin van Os (the son of Johannes Has Van Os and Petronella Nel Verhoeven). Martin is a Dutch immigrant. Johannes was born in Veghel, Noord-Brabant, the son of Petrus Johannus Van Os and Theodora Van Der Heijden. Petronella was born in Vorstenbosch, Bernheze, Noord-Brabant, the daughter of Everardus Martinus Verhoeven and Maria Van Der Sanden.

Luke’s maternal grandmother was Rosemarie Therese O’Sullivan (the daughter of Thomas Augustus O’Sullivan and Mary Christina Denham). Thomas was the son of Irish parents, Daniel O’Sullivan, from Kerry, and Catherine Flynn, from Tipperary. Mary Christina was the daughter of Henry Albert Denham, who was English, from Somerset, and of Margaret Catherine O’Neill, who was of Irish origin; Margaret was the daughter of Samuel O’Neill and Mary Alicia Bryce.

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  1. nnnnn says:

    Matt Damon is really short. And looks asian. Maybe his “sweden”
    part is from Lapland. What to Hemsworths, they look like normal,
    average Westeuropean people, nothing different. They are not
    extremely tall (taller as Tom Cruise), not “blond”.
    I can’t understand the whole cyrcus here

  2. nnnnn says:

    It becomes more and more “crazy”. Every british person, who
    doesn’t look like mr.Bean and is taller as 160 is “swedish”.
    Poor Kingdom! (I ment “british” for irish and scottish, too, the
    Hemsworths have an english name, but not really english)

  3. AngloSaxonDude says:

    To set it straight. Since most people posting here have no idea what Nordic is. This is Nordic

    Neither Paul Walker or the Hemsworth brothers have that skull shape, and not even most Scandinavians have that bone structure. What is it with Americans and the obsession with Nordics? There are not many pure nordics in the world. Being Nordic also has nothing to do with having blue eyes or blonde hair. A Nordic can be dark haired and still have the bone structure of a Nordic. Paul & The hemsworth brothers have a skull shape that is pretty easy to find amongst people decended from the British isles. Their skull shapes are exactly like people such as Will Chalker, David Beckham, Christian Bale and the like. I think people’s unwillingness to accept they are of pure Anglo origin has a lot to do with the fact that people truly believe in the stereotype of British being ugly, lol. If so you need to get out with that mentality. Whether you know it or not. Most people you idolize for beauty are often Anglo/Celtic in origin.

  4. karro Jansson says:

    this can be very wrong,BUT he maybe has swedish ancestry it looks a little bit like it..
    And he is pretty tall,swedes are tall,not all but very much .

    • AngloSaxonDude says:

      Omg, don’t be a fool. Their look is pretty common among Anglos and anglo decended nations. They look nothing like Swedes, who normaly have Baltid shaped heads and tiny eyes. You’re just saying that because they’re fair. Second of all, Swedes are not even that tall. And you are far from being all ‘Germanic’ looking. You’re not even as homogeneous as once believed or ‘all nordic looking’ you intermarried with British long ago. 98% of Australia is Anglo decended. the country is infact more homogeneous than most European countries. Relatively low Scandinavian input so you pulling this illogical crap out of your ass holds no weight. It reminds me of the Americans who try to deny their Anglo ancestry when 98% of American whites outside of California & New York look predominantly British Isles decendent.You’re clueless about phenotypes. Their look is entirely native to Britain.

  5. Karro Jansson says:

    swedes and finns are brothers,maybe the laungage is different but that doesnt mean we are different..

    • nnnnn says:

      “Swedes and finns are brothers”. Don’t tell fairy tails
      from yiour TV. Finns are even not indoeuropeans, they don’t look like sweds and they were always supressed by sweds.

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