Lucas Bryant

Place of Birth: Elmira, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: September 28, 1978

Ethnicity: Irish, Finnish, English, possibly other

Lucas Bryant is a Canadian-American actor.

Lucas Bryant is the son of Susan (Hodges) and M. Darrol Bryant.

Lucas’s father, who is from North Dakota, U.S., has partial Finnish ancestry, as Lucas has stated. Lucas’ mother has Irish ancestry.

Lucas’ maternal grandmother was Claire Fitzpatrick (the daughter of James Maurice Fitzpatrick, Sr. and Susan “Susie” Marie Cassidy). Lucas’ great-grandfather James was the son of Maurice Fitzpatrick, who was born in England to Irish parents, and of Mary Esther Shea, who was born in Rhode Island to Irish parents. Lucas’ great-grandmother Susan was the daughter of Terrence H. Cassidy, who was born in Massachusetts to parents from Ireland, and of Mary E. Ford, who was Irish.

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