La La Anthony

Anthony in 2010, Helga Esteb /

Birth Name: Alani Nicole Vázquez

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 25, 1979

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican [African, Spanish, possibly other]

La La Anthony, born Alani Nicole Vázquez, and also known as La La Vázquez, is an American radio and television personality, author, businessperson, producer, and actress.

La La was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, to Puerto Rican (Nuyorican) parents. She has described herself as a “Black-Puerto Rican,” and stated:

I embrace being a Black-Puerto Rican and think we are plentiful and do exist! I am more “black” than people think… Since I don’t look like J-Lo, it’s hard for me to get the Puerto Rican/Latin role in a movie. I speak fluent Spanish, but get cast as being black long before they put me as the Latino.

La La has a son, basketball player Kiyan Anthony, with her former husband, professional basketball player Carmelo Anthony, who is of Puerto Rican and African-American descent.

Anthony with husband Carmelo Anthony in 2011, Rena Schild /


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. abbracci says:

    Doesn’t look Latina. Black people always claim they are mixed with Italian and Puerto Rican to try to sound exotic.

  2. anniebe says:

    “Though, most Puerto Ricans self-identify as white, few are of purely European ancestry, with about 61% of Puerto Ricans have significant Taino ancestry and 46% of Puerto Ricans having significant African ancestry, many are racially mixed, with most people having varying degrees of European, African, and Taino ancestry”.

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