Birth Name:
-John Joseph Kongos
-Jesse Dean Kongos
-Dylan Gabriel Kongos
-Daniel Lee Kongos

Place of Birth:
*Merton, Surrey, England, U.K. (Johnny, Jesse, Dylan)
*Johannesburg, South Africa (Daniel)

Date of Birth:
-4 July, 1981 (Johnny)
-29 June, 1983 (Jesse)
-22 April, 1986 (Dylan)
-28 August, 1988 (Daniel)

*father – Greek
*mother – English, Mexican, Scottish

Kongos, also known as KONGOS, is a South African alternative rock group, consisting of brothers Johnny, on accordion, keyboards, programmer, and vocals; Jesse, on drums, percussion, programmer, and vocals; Dylan, on vocals, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keyboards, and programmer; and Daniel Kongos, on rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and vocals.

They are the sons of Shelley Maria and John Kongos, who is a singer and songwriter. Their father is a South African, of Greek descent. Their mother is an American from Scottsdale, Arizona, who has English, Mexican, and Scottish ancestry. They were raised in East London, South Africa, and attended the Greek Saheti in Gauteng. They later grew up in Scottsdale.

Kongos’ maternal grandfather was John W. Campbell (the son of Debs Jackson Campbell and Ida Ruth Lewis). John was born in Arizona. Debs was the son of John William Campbell, who was of English and Scottish descent, and of Juana Ramirez Sequeriz, who was of Mexican descent. Ruth was the daughter of Charles William Lewis and Sarah Olive “Ollie” Kirkland.

Kongos’ maternal grandmother likely is named Virginia R.

Source: Birth record of Kongos’ maternal grandfather, John W. Campbell – http://genealogy.az.gov

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  1. Manila says:

    Johnny, Jesse and Dylan were born on 4 July 1981, 29 June 1983, and 22 April 1986, respectively, all in Merton, London, England.

    Daniel was born on 28 August 1988 in Johannesburg.

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