Kirk Cameron

Birth Name: Kirk Thomas Cameron

Place of Birth: Panorama City, California

Date of Birth: October 12, 1970

Ethnicity: Scottish, English, German, Irish, smaller amounts of Channel Islander (Jersey) and Dutch

Kirk Cameron is an American actor. His sister is actress Candace Cameron Bure.

Kirk’s paternal grandfather is George Wilmer Cameron (the son of George William Cameron and Florence May Nash). Kirk’s great-grandfather George was the son of Scottish parents, Daniel Cameron and Helen Bisset Harley. Florence was the daughter of Frank Nash and Florence Vonguhoof.

Kirk’s paternal grandmother is Helen Mabel Myler (the daughter of David Thomas Myler and Alice Mabel Rainey). David was the son of John W. Myler and Sarah Matilda Monasmith.

Kirk’s maternal grandfather is Frank Thomas Bausmith, Sr. (the son of Alfred Edward Bausmith and Elizabeth Rawson Schillinger). Alfred was the son of Frank Leon Bausmith and Edith DeCamp Peet. Elizabeth was the daughter of William B. Schillinger and Clara J. Walls.

Kirk’s maternal grandmother is Elaine Marie or Jeanne Murphy (the daughter of Eugene William Murphy and Ethel Ruth Journeaux).

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