Kenny Wormald

"Step Up Revolution" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Wormald in 2012, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Kenneth Edgar Wormald

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 27, 1984

Ethnicity: English, German, Irish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Lithuanian

Kenny Wormald is an American actor, dancer, and reality TV star. He played the lead in the remake Footloose (2011).

Kenny’s patrilineal line can be traced to James Wormald, who was born, c. 1791, in Yorkshire, England.

Kenny’s paternal grandfather was Kenneth Edgar Wormald (the son of Edgar Wormald and Frances Evelyn LeGay). Kenny’s grandfather Kenneth was born in Massachusetts. Kenny’s great-grandfather Edgar was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, the son of Benjamin Wormald and Florence Stell/Steele. Frances was born in Massachusetts. Frances’s father, Percy Henry LeGay, was born in Mount Pleasant, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada, the son of Henry Alexander LeGay and Rebecca S. Wilkie/Whilcky/Whickley. Percy was of at least part German ancestry; it is not clear if he had French ancestry from the surname LeGay. Kenny’s great-grandmother Frances’s mother, Delia Edith Parker, was born in Massachusetts, the daughter of Matthew/Mathew Parker and Mary A. Coughlin, who were Irish, with Matthew being from Waterford.

Kenny’s paternal grandmother was Brenda M. DeGazio (the daughter of Alphonse Joseph Degazio and Mildred C./K. Hollman). Brenda was born in Massachusetts. Alphonse was born in Massachusetts, to an Italian-born father and to a Massachusetts-born mother, Donata Mary/Maria J. Degrandzia. Mildred was born in Massachusetts, the daughter of Olaf Hollman, who was Swedish, and of Matilda, who was born in Finland, to a Finnish father and a Swedish mother. Matilda spoke Swedish in Finland.

Kenny’s maternal grandfather is surnamed Cobb.

Kenny’s maternal grandmother is Corinne Ann Drinan (the daughter of Robert G. Drinan and Constance Elizabeth Lapenus/Lapanus). Robert’s father, Robert B. Drinan, was born in Rhode Island, of Irish descent, the son of John T. Drinan and Mary Ann Gleason. Kenny’s great-grandfather Robert’s mother, Nellie V. Cosgrove, was born in Massachusetts, the daughter of John Cosgrove and Mary Bowdren, who were Irish.

Kenny’s great-grandmother Constance Lapenus/Lapanus was born in Massachusetts, the daughter of Jacob A. Lapenus/Lapanus and Sophie A. Webber, who were Lithuanian immigrants.

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  1. der40 says:

    His last name almost sounds Swedish.

  2. ethnic says:

    I agree with follers. They are just Brown. under different lighting they will look different. But Brown they are.

    • J.J. says:

      hardly a fair conclusion but you’re the boss

      • ethnic says:

        I’m Asian and some people say I have Hazel or light brown eyes out in the sun. But the truth is brown eyes.

        • J.J. says:

          well the actual truth is amber and hazel eyes are brown, but amber is the lightest shade of brown right in the middle of the eye colour spectrum and hazel is slightly darker with more obvious brown and sometimes reddish tones (in north America as well as areas exposed to Americanisation there’s a misconception that hazel eyes are green & brown or any multi-coloured eye). Kind of like how grey eyes come under the blue category. Realistically there are only 3 true eye colour; blue, green and brown, the rest are just significantly different shades/mixes of the 3. I’ve been identifying/observing eye colour for years, i strongly think his eye colour shouldn’t be listed as just ‘brown’

          • J.J. says:

            Ironically I’ve seen every single one of those charts before, however they’re not real, they’re contacts so no human really has eyes resembling those colour examples. What they’re classing as ‘pure hazel’ is amber and when they’re classing as honey and light brown is hazel and what they’re classing as grey is unrealistic as grey eyes in humans are just a light/misty blue

          • scott says:

            you’re saying official sources are wrong so then what standard do you use to judge colours? you must learn it from somewhere or maybe you just make bullshit up on the spot…..

          • J.J. says:

            I look celebrities up on google images select pictures larger than 2MP and zoom into their eye colour in order to see what they’re true eye colour is, I go by this chart;

            deep-strong blue=blue
            misty/icy blue=grey
            blue/grey+brown=green or blue-grey/green
            light misty green(almost grey)= grey/green
            green+brown=forest green
            yellow/forest green=green/amber
            light golden/greenish and/or reddish brown=hazel
            obvious medium/dark brown=brown
            very dark brown (non-Caucasians)=virtually black

            orange (red head)
            orange/brown (auburn)
            strawberry/honey blonde
            light/platinum blonde
            medium blonde
            dark/sandy blonde
            light brown (brunette)
            medium brown (brunette)
            dark brown (brunette)
            virtually black (noirette)

    • smiley says:

      Eliza Dushku, Colin Farrell, Summer Glau, Cassie Steele, Russell Brand, Alison Lohman, Penn Badgley, Dave Franco, Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Fallon, Mickey Rourke, Anna Paquin, James Ransone, Kendall Jenner, and the Jones Brothers all have darker eyes than him, yet they are listed as “hazel.”

  3. J.J. says:

    correction; his eyes are green/amber and his hair is dark/sandy blonde

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