Katrina Begin

Birth Name: Katrina Marie Begin

Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: August 10, 1982

*French-Canadian, Norwegian (father)
*Finnish, Irish, English (mother)

Katrina Begin is an American actress.

Katrina is the daughter of Susan and Daniel Begin.

Katrina’s paternal grandfather was George Lawrence Begin (the son of Francis “Frank” Begin and Rose Delima Patnode). George was born in Minnesota. Francis was born in Minnesota, the son of Joseph Begin, who was from Québec, Canada, and of Anna/Angelica/Angelique Brunelle, who was of French-Canadian descent. Rose was born in Minnesota, to parents from Canada, with her mother being surnamed Therin.

Katrina’s paternal grandmother was Lillian Agnes Brenna (the daughter of Soren Brenna and Ingrid Strand). Lillian was born in Minnesota, to parents from Norway. Soren was the son of Gulbran Brenna and Karin Anderson.

Katrina’s maternal grandfather was Floyd Irvin Ruikkie/Ruikka (the son of Charles Olaf “Ole” Ruikkie/Ruikka and Inez/Ines Henrietta Bergman). Floyd was born in Minnesota. Charles was born in Minnesota, to Finnish parents, Henry J. Ruikkie/Ruikka and Loviisa Pakeakslahti. Inez was born in Minnesota, to parents from Finland, Mats “Matthew” Bergman and Anna Elizabeth Oravainen.

Katrina’s maternal grandmother was Annalene Marie Gillem (the daughter of Leo Eugene Gillem and Alta Molten Brownlow). Annalene was born in Minnesota. Leo was born in Michigan, the son of Edward Coleburn Gillem/Gillam, who was Canadian, and of Mary Ella “Ollie” Dillon, whose parents were Irish. Alta was born in Washington, the daughter of William Hunter Brownlow, whose parents were from England and Ireland, and of Jane J. Truman.

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