Katherine Heigl

Heigl in 2011, photo by s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: Katherine Marie Heigl

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: November 24, 1978

*62.5% German
*12.5% Swiss-German
*25% Irish

Katherine Heigl is an American actress, producer, and model. Among her many roles is the television series Grey’s Anatomy and the film Knocked Up.

Her father is of one half Irish, one quarter German, and one quarter Swiss-German, descent. Her mother is of German ancestry. Katherine is married to musician and actor Josh Kelley, with whom she has three children, including a daughter from Korea. One of Katherine’s siblings, a sister, is also from Korea.

Katherine’s paternal grandfather was John H./Joseph Heigl (the son of Joseph Heigl and Ida Burki). John was born in Minnesota. Katherine’s great-grandfather Joseph was a German immigrant, the son of Lorentz Heigl and Theresa Fodel. Ida was a Swiss immigrant, of Swiss-German descent, and was the daughter of Jacob Burki and Anna Muller.

Katherine’s paternal grandmother was Margaret Mary Lynes (the daughter of Patrick John Lynes/Lyne and Josephine Murray). Margaret was born in New Jersey. Patrick and Josephine were Irish immigrants. Patrick was the son of John Lyne and Ellen Donoghue. Josephine was the daughter of John Murray and Eliza/Elizabeth Smith.

Katherine’s maternal grandfather was Reinhold Ferdinand Engelhardt/Engelhart (the son of Ernest Engelhardt and Marie). Reinhold was born in Germany.

Katherine’s maternal grandmother was Margaretta/Margaret Jane Debus (the daughter of Frederick Jekel Debus and Elda Adeline Niehaus). Margaretta was born in New York. Frederick was born in New York, the son of Charles Frederick Debus and Canadian-born Elizabeth Katherine Jekel, and all of his grandparents were German, from Bavaria and Hessen. Elda was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Charles Henry Niehaus and Amelia Johanna Langkamp, who were both of German descent.

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  1. Obey says:

    She is a white with brown eyes, would pass through a Latin descendant of Spanish or Portuguese easily. In Germany and the Netherlands there are whites with that kind of appearance, with even black hair, like the singer of the Alphaville Group. Not all white Europeans are born with only blond hair and blue eyes, even the children of these blond parents can be born with dark brown hair or brown eyes. Genetics is equal to a selection of a lottery house.

  2. Devotion says:

    What is it with German women and big “ethnic” mouths?

    • andrew says:

      it’s actually a typical German trait, a wannabe European like you should know.

      • Devotion says:

        You’re the idiot with the inferior complex who thinks Italians and Greeks look more like “Nordics” when they actually look like Arabs more. Speak of yourself, hypocrite.

        Lol, “wannabe European”. I’m Serbian with Jewish and Lebanese ancestry. I do more take pride in the latter ancestries. Sucks for you I guess.

        • follers says:

          I thought you said you were Assyrian, theropod?

        • andrew says:

          I actually never wrote Italians and Greeks look more “Nordics”, whatever you mean. Otherwise you wrote MANY Greeks look Saudi Arabian, Ryan Reynolds looks Turkish (would he be credible as kebab seller??) and Ben Affleck looks Lebanese. Btw I apologize, I didn’t know you were part Serbian, dear Devotion/Capricious/Theropod (Did I forget some sock accounts?).

          • Devotion says:

            A Greek looking like Saudi Arabian? That was just once when I said this. Yes, rather oddly, a number of them resemble Arabs (not necessarily Saudi). I’ve seen more Turks who look Slavic and Nordic than Greeks who look like that. Don’t let your eurocentrism bias talk…

            Phoenicians and Levants have more in common with Southern Europeans than Peninsula Arabs. This is fact. But you seem to have a huge problem with that for some reason, jumping to your usual “Euro try hard” antic. Lol…

            Seriously, what’s your ethnicity? I wouldn’t be surprised if you were Southern European who gets pressured when people compare him to Middle Easterners.

            Lool sockpuppet….This is just one account. You can change usernames as much as you want. Not sure why you’re talking the name thing as an ad hominem…

            Follers, “spiritually” yes. Well, my in-laws are Assyrian ancestry. I have grown to like Assyrians since I’m usually around them in my job and my community.

          • andrew says:

            I’m Western European. Nordic-looking Turks? maybe in your wet dreams.

          • Devotion says:

            Same way you have wet dreams of Greeks and Italians looking more like Germans than they do Lebanese and Turks.

            But hey, at least you enjoy these dreams. Good luck with them, Andrew.

          • andrew says:

            @Devotion (or Shelati, I know you)

            I remember you that Italy and Germany are separated by just about 100km (62miles). Lebanon is in the Middle East and the largest part of Turkey is not geographically considered Europe.

    • neiltennant says:

      idiot that is not german feature
      this old woman looks italian

  3. cwm85 says:

    German. That would have been my first guess and I was correct.

    • neiltennant says:

      hey mate I’m from germany and i have never seen a full blooded german with those dark eyes

      and thank god that we don’t have nnnnn anymore who claims that every white with dark brown eyes has hazel eyes
      thats stupid

      thats not true. I have seen so many pics of her and she has dark brown eyes

      And believe me in germany i have seen many germans with brown eyes but they were hazel or greenish

      and german people i thought of had dark brown eyes i came next to them and saw greenish brown eyes

      and the same with british people with dark brown eyes.

      Those who have dark brown eyes do have foreigners blood

      The only celeb i know who has dark brown eyes and is of german descent is MOLLY RINGWALD but there must be something else

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