Karin Viard

64th Annual Cannes Film Festival - "Polisse" Photocall

Viard in 2011, photo by Prphotos.com

Full Name: Karin Michèle Viard

Place of Birth: Rouen, Upper Normandy, France

Date of Birth: 24 January, 1966

Ethnicity: French, as well as small amount of Swiss-German

Karin Viard is a multi-award-winning French actress. She is one of the most critically acclaimed French actresses of the 2000s.

Karin’s paternal grandfather was Georges Clément Viard (the son of Louis Mansuy Viard and Marie Mélanie Aubéline Valentin). Georges was born in Attigny, Vosges, Lorraine. Louis was the son of François Viard and Marguerite Didelot. Marie Mélanie was the daughter of Charles Valentin and Victoire Gabrion.

Karin’s paternal grandmother was Suzanne Marie-Louise Demange (the daughter of Emile Auguste Demange and Marie Joséphine Marton). Suzanne was born in Bonvillet, Vosges, Lorraine, France. Emile was the son of Nestor Emile Demange and Marie-Catherine Genin. Karin’s great-grandmother Marie Joséphine was the daughter of Marie Xavier Saturnin Edmond Marton and Marie Joséphine Deblay.

Karin’s maternal grandfather was René Alphonse Chevalier (the son of Alphonse Henri Chevalier and Marguerite Julie Zumbach). René was born in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France. Karin’s great-grandfather Alphonse was the son of Tranquille Ferdinand Chevalier and Hortense Maria Tékal. Marguerite was Swiss, from Payerne, Canton of Vaud, and was the daughter of Henri Louis Zumbach and Marie Buache.

Karin’s maternal grandmother was Simone Andrée Marguerite Hébert (the daughter of Paul Joseph Hébert and Marie Marguerite Lefebvre). Simone was born in Le Petit-Quevilly, Seine-Maritime, Normandie, France. Paul was the son of Jules Stanislas Hébert and Léopoldine Hyacinthe Duchêne. Karin’s great-grandmother Marie Marguerite was the daughter of Jules Hippolyte Toussaint Lefebvre and Eugénie Augustine Dacher.

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  1. andrew says:

    Genealogy of Karin Viard: https://gw.geneanet.org/gntstarviardk?lang=en&pz=karine+michele&nz=viard&m=A&p=karine+michele&n=viard&siblings=on&notes=on&t=T&v=6&image=on&marriage=on&full=on

    her maternal great-grandmother Marguerite Julie Zumbach was Swiss, from Payerne, Canton of Vaud.

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