Kalani Queypo

Queypo in 2016, photo by kathclick/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Richard Kaleokalani Queypo

Place of Birth: Hawaii, U.S.

*father – Filipino, possibly other
*maternal grandfather – English, Irish, Scottish
*maternal grandmother – Swedish

Kalani Queypo is an American actor, director, writer, producer, and musician. He has appeared on the series Trickster, Saints & Strangers, Jamestown, and Fear the Walking Dead, among others.

His father was of at least partial Filipino descent. His mother had English, Irish, Scottish, and Swedish ancestry.

Kalani is a founding member of the National American Indian Committee at SAG-AFTRA.

He is sometimes described as having Blackfoot Native American and Navajo Native American roots. It does not appear that this is accurate.

Kalani’s paternal grandfather was named Arnoldo/Arnaldo Carata Queypo. Arnaldo was born in Caoayan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

Kalani’s paternal grandmother was Beatrice/Bernice Angeles. Beatrice was born in Hana, Maui, Hawaii, and was likely of Filipino descent.

Kalani’s maternal grandfather was Harold Vance Griffith (the son of Benjamin Minton Griffith and Lillian/Lilliane Ethel Dunaway). Harold was born in Illinois. Benjamin was born in Illinois, the son of Silas Sidwell Griffith and Elizabeth Lankford. Lillian was born in Illinois, the daughter of John Dunaway and Cinderella Flowers.

Kalani’s maternal grandmother was Hannah Viola Benson (the daughter of Andrew Benson and Wilhelmina Ersdotter). Hannah was born in Wisconsin, to Swedish parents. Andrew was from Malmö. Wilhelmina was born in Kälarvet, Stora Tuna, Kopparberg, the daughter of Erik Jansson and Johanna Andersdotter.

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