Josh Fadem

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Birth Name: Joshua David Fadem

Place of Birth: Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 19, 1980

*75% Ashkenazi Jewish
*25% Danish

Josh Fadem is an American actor, writer, and comedian.

Josh’s paternal grandfather was Albert Fadem (the son of Harry Fadem and Rose Wallace). Albert was born in Missouri. Harry was born in Russia, the son of Zangwill “Zisha” Fadem and Rose “Ratzi”, who were from Poland. Rose was born in Russia.

Josh’s paternal grandmother was Theresa Thelma Tublin (the daughter of Solomon/Soloman Tublin and Rebecca Prebluda). Theresa was born in Massachusetts, to parents from Kiev, Russian Empire (now Ukraine).

Josh’s maternal grandfather was Richard Arnold Jacobson (the son of Samuel Jacobson and Annabel/Ann “Vivian” “Ramona” Coen/Cohen). Richard was born in New York. Samuel was born in Krzyzanowice, Poland, the son of Jonas Jacobson and Freida Pipesberg. Annabel was born in either New York or Białystok, Białystok County, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland, the daughter of Morris Coen and Jennie Graishea Licht/Light.

Josh’s maternal grandmother was Ardis Rachel Vammen (the daughter of Christian Adolf/Adolph Vammen and Tomina Marie Neve). Ardis was born in Arkansas. Christian was born in Snæbum Mark, Snæbum Sogn, Onsild Herred, Randers Amt, Denmark, the son of Mathias Jensen Vammen and Anna Oline Hoppe. Tomina was born in Iowa, to Danish parents, Eberhardt David Neve and Sara Marie Jensen.

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