John Avlon

photo by Meenween

Birth Name: John Phillips Avlon

Date of Birth: 1973

*75% Greek
*25% mix of Scottish and English

John Avlon is an American journalist and political commentator. He is editor in chief and managing director of the website The Daily Beast.

He is married to Margaret Hoover, a political commentator, whose great-grandfather was U.S. President Herbert Hoover.

John’s paternal grandfather was John Avlon (the son of George Avlon and Eddna Flessl). John was from the island Corfu, Greece.

John’s paternal grandmother was Carol Jeffries (the daughter of Herbert Ottley Jeffries and Eva Geraldine Lang). Carol was born in New York. Herbert was the son of Thomas Jeffries and Susana Reynolds. Eva was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, the daughter of a Canadian father, Robert Lang, from Roussillon, and an American mother, Eveline “Eva” Chandler.

John’s maternal grandparents are Alexander Konstantine Phillips (the son of Konstantine Alexander Phillips and Dionisia Stamatakis) and Toula Pearl Carvelas. John’s great-grandfather Konstantine was born in Samos, Greece. Dionisia was from Istanbul, Turkey, and was also of Greek descent.

Sources: John’s article about his family history, A Grandchild Of an Illegal Immigrant (2006) –

Obituaries of John’s maternal great-grandparents, Konstantine Alexander Phillips and Dionisia (Stamatakis) Phillips –

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