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"The Neon Demon" UK Premiere - Arrivals

Alwyn in 2016, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Joseph Matthew Alwyn

Place of Birth: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 21 February, 1991

Ethnicity: English, smaller amounts of Irish, Scottish, and French/French-Canadian

Joe Alwyn is an English actor. He has had leading roles in the films Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, The Sense of an Ending, Operation Finale, The Favourite, Boy Erased, Mary Queen of Scots, Harriet, The Souvenir Part II, The Last Letter from Your Lover, Stars at Noon, and Catherine Called Birdy, and the series A Christmas Carol (2019) and Conversations with Friends. He has also been credited as William Bowery, on songwriting duties.

He is the son of Elizabeth Meakins, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, author, and columnist, and Richard Alwyn, a documentary filmmaker. His grandfather was director and producer Jonathan Alwyn, and his great-grandfather was composer, conductor, and music teacher William Alwyn. William’s second wife was classical and film music composer Doreen Carwithen.

Joe’s great-uncle, Bruce Kent, was a political activist and former Roman Catholic priest.

Joe’s paternal grandfather was Jonathan Alwyn (the son of William Alwyn and Olive Mary Audrey Pull). Jonathan was born in Barnet, Middlesex, England. William was born William Alwyn Smith, and was the son of William James Smith and Ada Tyler Tompkins. His middle name, Alwyn, was evidently after one of the Dukes of Northumberland. He was said to be a cousin of American actor Gary Cooper, through his mother Ada. Joe’s great-grandmother Olive was the daughter of William Joseph Pull and Jane Emma Pegler.

Joe’s paternal grandmother was Pamela Noreen Jackson (the daughter of Arthur Jackson and Adele Dodsworth). Pamela was born in Birmingham South, Warwickshire, England. Arthur was the son of Nathan Jackson and Sarah Hall. Adele was the daughter of Anthony Dodsworth and Emily Jones.

Joe’s maternal grandfather was Richard Harold Charles “Dick” Meakins (the son of Harold Whayman Meakins and Margaret Elisabeth/Elizabeth Jolente Fabietonnerre). Richard was born in India. Joe’s great-grandfather Harold was the son of Silas Frederic/Frederick Meakins, who was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India, and of Elizabeth Ann/Anne Pade. Joe’s great-grandmother Margaret was the daughter of Charles Emile Marie Losthène Fabietonnerre/Fabre Tonnerre.

Joe’s maternal grandmother is Rosemary D. Kent (the daughter of Kenneth MacIver/McIver Kent and Rosemary “Molly” Marion). Rosemary was born in Greenwich, London, England, to parents from Québec, Canada. Kenneth was the son of William George Kent, who was born in Stapleford, Cambridgeshire, England, and of Margaret MacIver, who was born in Strathconan, Muir of Ord, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland. Joe’s great-grandmother Molly was the daughter of Thomas Baptiste Marion, who was of French-Canadian and Irish descent; and of Mary/Marion/Mary Anne Bonfield, whose own parents, James Bonfield and Catherine/Catharine Tracey, were Irish, her father from Gortmore, County Tipperary, and her mother from Waterford. Joe’s great-great-great-grandfather James Bonfield was a merchant and political figure, who was a Liberal Party, Ontario MPP, from 1875 to 1883.


Obituary of Joe’s paternal grandmother, Pamela Noreen (Jackson) Alwyn –

Marriage records of Joe’s paternal great-great-grandparents, Anthony Dodsworth and Emily Jones –

Marriage record of Joe’s maternal great-grandparents, Harold Whayman Meakins and Margaret Elisabeth/Elizabeth Jolente Fabietonnerre –

Marriage record of Joe’s maternal great-great-grandparents, Silas Frederic/Frederick Meakins and Elizabeth Ann/Anne Pade –

Death record of Joe’s maternal great-great-grandfather, Silas Frederic/Frederick Meakins –

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  1. namebug says:

    His paternal grandmother was Pamela Noreen Jackson, daughter of Arthur Jackson and Adele Dodsworth. She was born in late 1925 in Birmingham, Warwickshire and died 28 Jan 2018 in London. Arthur Jackson was the son of Nathan Jackson and Sarah Hall. Adele Dodsworth was the daughter of Anthony Dodsworth and Emily Jones.

    His maternal grandfather was Richard Harold Charles Meakins, son of Harold Whayman Meakins and Margaret Elisabeth Jolente Fabietonnerre. He was born in 1924 in India and died 09 May 2011. Harold Meakins was the son of Silas Frederic Meakins who was born 1858 in Amritsar, Punjab, India, and his wife Elizabeth (Arshpreet) Anand of India. Margaret Fabietonnerre was daughter of Charles Fabietonnerre and Jannat Kamble.

    Great-grandmother Rosemary “Molly” Marion was born 29 Jul 1900 in Quebec, she was the daughter of Thomas Baptiste Marion and Mary Bonfield. Thomas Marion was the son of French-Canadian Pierre Marion de la Fontaine and his wife Jeanne (Joanna) Shiels, who was Irish through her father, and 1/4 Irish through her mother Catherine Boyd daughter of Jean Thomas Boyd and Isabella Trudeau.

    Also of note, Ada Tyler Tompkins, through her mother, is a descendant of American Captain Henry Delano (1754-1812) who came to England to Massachusetts.

    • Oaken05 says:

      Nice finds. So he also has Irish and French Canadian/French ancestry. I don’t know the origina of the “Fabietonnerre” surname, but the given name “Jannat” is Urdu. Sounds like Harold AND Margaret likely had some South Asian ancestry, right?

    • follers says:

      I found a record of Silas Frederic Meakins marrying Elizabeth Ann/Anne Pade, daughter of Henry Pade. Is this the same woman?

      I also see Johanna Shiels listed as the daughter of Bernard Shiels and Catherine Bresnahan, who were Irish.

      • namebug says:

        Johanna Sheils (baptized Jeanne, or Jane) born 13 December 1833 was the daughter of Samuel Shiels and Catherine Boyd, she was born in Ottawa, but her parents later lived in Pembroke, Renfrew. Samuel Shiels was the son of Thomas Shiels and Catherine McGuire. His brother was Barney (Bernard). Catherine Boyd was the daughter of Thomas Boyd and Isabella Trudeau.

        • Erik1714 says:

          Can you answer my question about Arshpreet Anand and Jannat Kamble?

          • namebug says:

            Sorry for the delay. I’ve been following notes and I’ve been stumped on that line. Margaret’s father was Charles Emile Marie Losthène Fabre Tonnerre, the surname was misconstrued as “Fabietonnerre.” Margaret’s mother is probably Constance Edith Shillingford, not Jannat Kamble. I’ll update again if I find anything of note!

          • Erik1714 says:

            Ok, thank you very much! I didn’t mean to sound intrusive.

            I will research with that information then.

            Good luck!

    • Erik1714 says:

      What are the records in which Arshpreet Anand and Jannat Kamble appear?

      I only found the names of Silas Frederic Meakins and Charles Fabietonnerre.
      By the way, I have the feeling that Fabietonnerre is of French origin, perhaps it appeared in England with the Normans.

  2. bel77777 says:

    I read this on Wikipedia, Grandma changed her last name or Wikipedia was wrong.
    His father is a documentary director and his mother a psychotherapist. Her paternal grandmother is Pamela Noguera. She was born in Chile and moved to London to study art.
    if it is true he also has Spanish ancestry

  3. Oaken05 says:

    Interesting that the surname was originally “Smith” and the great-grandfather appears to have changed it to his middle name. Makes sense given it’s not really an English surname as far as I know.

  4. Kimmel says:

    His surname sounds Welsh.

  5. andrew says:

    he looks like Johnny Simmons in facial features.

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