Joan Didion

Place of Birth: Sacramento, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 5, 1934

Ethnicity: German, English, Welsh, Irish

Joan Didion is an American essayist and novelist.

Joan is the daughter of Eduene (Jerrett) and Frank Reese Didion. She was married to novelist, screenwriter, and literary critic John Gregory Dunne, until his death, with whom she had a daughter, Quintana Roo Dunne. Her nephew, her late husband’s brother’s son, is actor Griffin Dunne.

Joan’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Francis Didion (the son of John F. Didion and Mary Jeanette Dreman). Joseph was born in California. John was born in Bavaria, Germany. Mary was the daughter of John Frederick Dreman, who was born in Hannover, Prussia, and of Ann Clarke.

Joan’s paternal grandmother was Ethel Mira Reese (the daughter of David D. Reese and Mira L. Kilgore). Ethel was born in California. David was born in Carmarthenshire, Wales, the son of John Rees and Elizabeth Anthony. Mira was the daughter of William H. Gilgore and Elizabeth Hanlon.

Joan’s maternal grandfather was Hermann/Herman Daniel Jerrett (the son of Daniel Jerrett and Clarinda Ellen “Clara” Farnsworth). Hermann was born in California. Daniel was the son of Robert Jerrett and Diadama Worden. Clarinda was the daughter of Seba Calvin Farnsworth and Hulda Shaw.

Joan’s maternal grandmother was Edna F. Magee (the daughter of James Bernard Magee and Sarah Elizabeth Geiger). Edna was born in Oregon. James was Irish. Sarah was the daughter of William Geiger, Jr. and Elizabeth Cornwall.

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