Birth Name: Jenifer Yaël Juliette Dadouche-Bartoli

Place of Birth: Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte D’Azur, France

Date of Birth: 15 November, 1982

*father – Sephardi Jewish
*mother – Corsican Italian, possibly Belgian Walloon

Jenifer is a French singer and actress. She has also been credited as Jenifer Bartoli.

She won the first season of Star Academy France in 2002.

Her father, Michel Dadouche, a “pied noir” of Sephardi Jewish origin, was born in Algeria, and moved to Marseille, France with his family. Her mother, Christine Bartoli, is from Palneca, Corsica.

Jenifer is married to Corsican restaurant owner Ambroise Fieschi. She has a son with her former partner, musician Maxim Nucci; a son with her former partner, actor Thierry Neuvic; and a son with Ambroise.

Jenifer’s paternal grandfather was named Roger Dadouche.

Jenifer’s paternal grandmother was Juliette Elkaïm (the daughter of René Elkaïm and Aimée Boukaya).

Jenifer’s maternal grandfather was named Jean-Jacques Vreux. The name Vreux is common in Wallonia, Belgium.

Jenifer’s maternal grandmother was Joséphine Bartoli (the daughter of Jacques Antoine Bartoli and Antoinette Arrighi). Jacques was the son of Jean-Paul Bartoli and Ermini Santoni. Antoinette was the daughter of Joseph Arrighi and Marie-Xavière Bacchiochi.


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7 Responses

  1. Akwaba says:

    She has a son with Ambroise Fieschi

  2. guzel says:

    What is pied noir?

  3. Akwaba says:

    The last name “Vreux” is the most common in Wallonie, Belgium :
    Her maternal grandfather has probably roots from that region.

  4. Akwaba says:

    Why are Corsican people considered Italian on this site (I saw the same thing with “Alsatian-German”) ? They have their own ethnic group like the Basques.

    • andrew says:

      Because they are Italian (specifically Tuscan, as surnames above confirm).

    • bablah says:

      ”They have their own ethnic group”

      They do???? Corsican is much closer to standard Italian language than many of the ”dialects” in Italy. Alsatian German is, I think, closest to Swiss German, and they very much identify as Germans.

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