Jean-Pierre Aumont

Birth Name: Jean-Pierre Philippe Salomons

Date of Birth: 5 January, 1911

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Death: 30 January, 2001

Place of Death: Gassin, France

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish, Sephardi Jewish

Jean-Pierre Aumont was a French actor. His films included Heartbeat, Song of Scheherazade, Lili, Royal Affairs in Versailles, Mademoiselle from Paris, The Seventh Sin, and John Paul Jones. He held the Legion d’Honneur and the Croix de Guerre for his World War II military service.

Jean-Pierre was the son of Suzanne (Cahen), an actress, and Alexandre Abraham Salomons, who owned La Maison du Blanc, a linen department store. His brother was director François Villiers. His mother’s uncle was stage actor Georges Berr, who was the brother of Jean-Pierre’s maternal grandmother.

His father was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and his mother was born in Paris, France. His ancestry was both Ashkenazi and Sephardi, and his antecedents lived in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Gibraltar, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland, among others.

Jean-Pierre was married to Dominican-born actress Maria Montez, until her death, and to Italian-born actress Marisa Pavan, until his death. He had a daughter, actress Tina Aumont, with Maria; and two children with Marisa.

Jean-Pierre’s paternal grandfather was Philip Salomons (the son of David Philip Salomons and Sellie Coblentz). Jean-Pierre’s grandfather Philip was born in Amsterdam. David was the son of Philip/Pinchas Zelig David Cohen Kampen/Salomons and Marianna/Mata Mozes Coblentz. Sellie was the daughter of Jacob Mozes Coblentz and Betje Pessi Levie Lioni.

Jean-Pierre’s paternal grandmother was Rebecca Daniels (the daughter of Alexander Daniels and Jeannette Le Jeune). Rebecca was born in Amsterdam. Alexander was the son of Abraham Eliazer Daniels and Mirjam Alexander Hartog. Jeannette was the daughter of Salomon/Zelig Isaac/Eizik Weisna/Lejeune/le Jeune and Rebekka Mozes Dusseldorp.

Jean-Pierre’s maternal grandfather was Emile Cahen (the son of Simon Oury Cahen and Célestine Berr). Emile was born in Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France. Simon was born in Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, the son of Olry Oury Cerf Marx Cahen Silny and Emilie Meilé Abraham. Célestine was born in Raon-l’Étape, Vosges, Lorraine, the daughter of Israël Seligmann Moyse Berr and Minette Spire.

Jean-Pierre’s maternal grandmother was Cécile Berr (the daughter of Eugène Berr and Esther Eulalie Ascoli). Cécile was born in Lunéville, Lorraine, France. Eugène was born in Raon-l’Étape, Lorraine, the son of Israël Seligmann Moyse Berr and Minette Spire. Esther was born in Épernay, Champagne-Ardenne, France, the daughter of Elias Vitta Ascoli, who was from Lisbon, Portugal, and of Hanna Julie Deutsch, who was from Saarwelligen/Saarwellingen, France.

Jean-Pierre was a fourth cousin, twice removed, of Dutch actor Michiel Huisman. Jean-Pierre’s paternal great-great-great-grandparents, Levie Lion/Leib Eliazer Lioni Stokvis and Sara Joseph Levie, were also Michiel’s five times great-grandparents. Jean-Pierre was also a seventh cousin of American actor, writer, and musician Christopher Guest, through their six times great-grandparents, Abraham Casper/Gershon de Vries Rofe and Marianne/Margalith Asser-Shochet.

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