Jason Sudeikis

Sudeikis in 2010, photo by Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: Daniel Jason Sudeikis

Place of Birth: Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 18, 1975

*62.5% Irish
*25% Lithuanian
*12.5% German

Jason Sudeikis is an American comedian, actor, and screenwriter.

He is the son of Kathryn (Wendt) and Daniel Joseph Sudeikis. His uncle is actor George Wendt, and his great-grandfather was photographer Tom Howard. Jason has two children with his former partner, actress Olivia Wilde.

His father is of half Lithuanian and half Irish ancestry. His mother is of one quarter German and three quarters Irish descent.

Jason’s paternal grandfather was Stanley Philip Sudeikis (the son of Stanley Walter Sudeikis and Michalina/Nichalina “Emma” Belskis/Bielskis). Jason’s grandfather Stanley was born in Illinois, to Lithuanian emigrants, his father from Taurage and his mother from Raseiniu. Jason’s great-grandfather Stanley was the son of Joseph Sudeikis and Mary. Michalina was the daughter of John Belskis/Bielskis and Anna Genduain.

Jason’s paternal grandmother was Edna Veronica Gay (the daughter of George Ervin Gay and Anna Josephine McCall). Edna was born in Illinois. George was born in Illinois, the son of Irish parents, Thomas Gay and Mary Connors. Anna was born in Manchester, Lancashire, England, the daughter of Peter McCall, from Drung, Cavan, Ulster, Ireland, and of Margaret Ann Leavy, who was born in Burnley, Lancashire, England, to Irish parents.

Jason’s maternal grandfather was Georg/George Robert Wendt II (the son of William Henry Wendt and Katherine C. Crowley). Georg was born in Illinois. William was born in Illinois, to German parents, George August Wendt and Marie/Mary Bertha Michalski. Katherine was born in Illinois, to an Irish father, Jeremiah J. Crowley, and a New York-born mother of Irish descent, Margaret Foley.

Jason’s maternal grandmother was Loretta Mary/Mary “Loret” Howard (the daughter of Thomas James “Tom” Howard, Jr. and Helen M. Walsh). Loretta was born in Illinois. Thomas was born in Illinois, the son of Thomas James Howard and Nellie Welch; all of his own grandparents were Irish. Jason’s great-grandmother Helen was born in Illinois, to Irish parents.

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