James G. Blaine

Birth Name: James Gillespie Blaine

Date of Birth: January 31, 1830

Place of Birth: West Brownsville, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Death: January 27, 1893

Place of Death: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Ethnicity: Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, English, some Scottish, distant Dutch

James G. Blaine was an American politician and statesman. A Republican, he served as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Maine, from March 4, 1863 to July 10, 1876, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, from March 4, 1869 to March 4, 1875, a U.S. Senator from Maine, from July 10, 1876 to March 5, 1881, and U.S. Secretary of State, from March 7, 1881 to December 19, 1881, and again from March 9, 1889 to June 4, 1892.

He was the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States in 1884. He was also a candidate for the Republican Party’s 1876, 1880, and 1892 presidential nominations.

He was the first Republican Party nominee to lose the election since 1856.

Speaker Blaine was the son of Maria Louise (Gillespie) and Ephraim Lyon Blaine, a landowner. He was married to Harriet Stanwood, until his death, with whom he had seven children, including state department official Walker Blaine.

His father was Presbyterian and his mother was Catholic. He was raised in his father’s faith.

Speaker Blaine’s paternal grandfather was James Blaine (the son of Col. Ephraim James Blaine and Rebecca Galbraith). Speaker Blaine’s grandfather James was born in Pennsylvania. Ephraim was born in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, the son of James Blaine and Isabella. He was an early settler of Pennsylvania, who was commissary-general for the middle district of the Continental Army, under George Washington. Speaker Blaine’s great-grandmother Rebecca was the daughter of Robert Galbraith, who was born in Donegal, County Donegal, Ireland, and of Rebecca Work, whose own father was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

Speaker Blaine’s paternal grandmother was Margaret Lyon (the daughter of Col. Samuel Lyon). Margaret was born in Pennsylvania, to parents who were born in Enniskillen, County Fern, Ireland. Samuel was the son of John Lyon and Margaret Armstrong. Spaker Blaine’s great-grandmother was possibly named Eleanor Blaine, and the daughter of James Blaine and Elizabeth Carskaden.

Speaker Blaine’s maternal grandfather was Corneilus “Neil” Gillespie, Jr. (the son of Corneilus “Neil” Gillespie and Eleanor Dougherty). Speaker Blaine’s grandfather Corneilus was of Irish origin, with his father having been born in Donegal.

Speaker Blaine’s maternal grandmother was Tamar/Tharmar Elizabeth Purcel (the daughter of John Purcell and Sarah Osburn). John was the son of Thomas Purcell and Mary Van Hook. Sarah was the daughter of John Osborne and Sarah Morris.

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