Ingmar Bergman

Birth Name: Ernst Ingmar Bergman

Date of Birth: 14 July, 1918

Place of Birth: Uppsala, Sweden

Date of Death: 30 July, 2007

Place of Death: Fårö, Sweden

Ethnicity: Swedish (mostly), with distant German, Dutch, Estonian, and Finnish

Ingmar Bergman was a Swedish film director, screenwriter, producer, and playwright. He was also credited as Buntel Eriksson. His many highly acclaimed dramas include The Seventh Seal, Persona, Cries and Whispers, Scenes from a Marriage, and Fanny and Alexander.

Ingmar was the son of Karin (Åkerblom), a nurse, and Erik Bergman (Erik Henrik Fredrik Bergman), a Lutheran minister, and chaplain to the King of Sweden. He was a brother of diplomat Dag Bergman and novelist Margareta Bergman. Margareta was married to English author Paul Britten Austin. Ingmar was raised in a conservative, religious household.

He was married to diarist Ingrid von Rosen, until his death. He had nine children: a daughter, actress Lena Bergman, with his former wife, choreographer, dancer, theatre director, and writer Else Fisher; directors Eva Bergman and Jan Bergman, and twin actors and directors Mats Bergman and Anna Bergman, with his former wife, choreographer and film director Ellen Lundström; a son, an airline captain, with his former wife, journalist Gun Grut; a son, film director Daniel Bergman, with his former wife, Estonian-Swedish concert pianist Käbi Laretei; a daughter, author and journalist Linn Ullmann, with his former partner, Norwegian actress and film director Liv Ullmann; and a daughter, author Maria von Rosen, with Ingrid von Rosen.

Ingmar’s patrilineal line can be traced to Henrik Carl Bergman, who was born, c. 1690.

Ingmar’s paternal grandfather was Axel Vilhelm Bergman (the son of Henrik Bergman and Erika Augusta Agrell). Axel was born in Järvsö. Henrik was an assistant vicar. He was the son of Carl Henriksson Bergman and Ella Markusdotter. Erika was the daughter of Erik Agrell, a vicar, and of Elsa Margareta Hermanni. Elsa’s father was chief accountant Hieronymus Emanuel Hermanni, from a family of merchants. Through this line, Ingmar was a descendant of noble families Bröms, Stockenström, and Ehrenskiöld, clergy families of Swedish, Swedish-Finnish origin, and burghers of Swedish and German origin.

Ingmar’s paternal grandmother was Alma Katarina Eneroth (the daughter of Fredrik Eneroth and Katarina Matilda Karolina Sjöström). Alma was born in Mo. Fredrik was the son of Leonard Eneroth and Karin/Katarina Elisabet Holmgren. Ingmar’s great-grandmother Katarina was the daughter of Pehr Gustaf Sjöström and Karolina Lovisa Nylén. The Eneroth family descended from the noble families Flach and de Frese.

Ingmar’s maternal grandfather was Johan Åkerblom (the son of Karl Magnus Åkerblom and Katarina Margareta Eneroth). Johan was born in Hurjum, Överlännäs, Sweden. Karl was the son of Nils Åkerblom and Brita Persdotter Norgren. Katarina was the daughter of Leonard Eneroth and Karin/Katarina Elisabet Holmgren.

Ingmar’s maternal grandmother was Anna Calwagan (the daughter of Ernst Gottfrid Calwagen and Charlotta Margareta Carsberg). Anna was born in Stockholm. Ernst was the son of Per Calwagen and Kristina Margareta Norrbom. He was a lector of German and English. Charlotta was the daughter of Johan Jakob Carsberg and Dorotea Vilhelmina Norrbom. Johan was descended from a merchant, Paul Calwagen, who emigrated from Holland to Karlshamn, Sweden in the 1600s. Through his Calwagen line, Ingmar’s ancestors included the noble families Tigerschiöld and Weinholz, and the Bure family.

Ingmar’s parents were second cousins, through their great-grandparents Leonard Eneroth and Karin/Katarina Elisabet Holmgren.

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