Nailea Norvind

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Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

Date of Birth: February 16, 1970

*father – Dutch
*maternal grandfather – Russian, as well as distant Tatar
*maternal grandmother – Norwegian, Finland-Swedish, French, distant German

Nailea Norvind is a Mexican theatre, television, and film actress.

She was born in Mexico City, Mexico. Nailea’s mother, writer, documentary producer, director, and actress Eva Norvind (born Eva Johanne Chegodayeva Sakonsky), was originally from Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, and was raised in Norway and France. She later moved to Canada and New York City, U.S., at the age of eighteen. Her uncle is composer and pop musician Georg Kajanus.

Nailea was married to Fernando González Parra, and has tow children, Tessa, an actress, and Naian Gonzalez Norvind, an actress and violinist.

Nailea’s father, whom she never met, is said to be Dutch.

Nailea’s maternal grandfather was Paul Vernstad (born Paul Pavel Alekseevich Chegodaev/Chegodayev Sakonsky, the son of Prince Alexey Chegodaev and Elena). Nailea’s grandfather Paul was a Russian Prince, originally from Burtsevo, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, who had moved to Norway as a refugee. Nailea’s great-grandfather Prince Alexey was the son of Prince Paul/Pavel Nikolevich Chegodaev and Lyubov Aleekseva Stepanova.

Nailea’s maternal grandmother was Johanna Kajanus (the daughter of Johannes Kajanus and Eugenie de Ribert). Johanna was a sculptor. Nailea’s great-grandfather Johannes was the son of Robert Georg Kajanus, a conductor, composer, and teacher, who was born in Helsinki, Finland, and was Finland-Swedish, with some German ancestry; and of Johanna Müller, who was Norwegian, and had Norwegian, and distant German, ancestry. Nailea’s great-grandmother Eugenie was the daughter of Eugène de Ribert, who had French ancestry, and of Valborg Holmsen, who was Norwegian.


Genealogy of Nailea Norvind (focusing on her mother’s side) –

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  1. Akwaba says:

    Her maternal grandmother was a sculptor and her uncle is musician and singer Georg Kajanus :

    Her great great grandfather has a Wikipedia page:

  2. madman says:

    Paul was the son of Prince Alexey Chegodaev and Elena. Alexey was the son of Prince Paul Chegodaev and Lyubov Stepanova.

    Robert Georg Kajanus was Finland-Swedish. He might’ve had some distant Finnish roots, it’s hard to tell. But he did have some German ancestry.

    and had German and Norwegian ancestry. —> and had Norwegian, and distant German, ancestry.

    What does “Valborg Holmsen, whose parents were Norwegian” mean? She was Norwegian herself. Why mention that her parents were Norwegian, like she was born in another country than them?

    *Norwegian, Finland-Swedish, French, distant German (maternal grandmother)

    • bablah says:

      She also has some Tatar ancestors on her Russian side. Not sure at what point Chegodaevs stopped being Tatar, but probably sometime in the 18th century.

      Prince Paul Chegodaev and Lyubov Stepanova -> Prince Paul/Pavel Nikolevich Chegodaev and Lyubov Aleekseva Stepanova.

    • stlucas says:

      It means that I probably couldn’t find Holmsen’s birthplace at the time, but I found her parents’ birthplace, and it was Norway.

      • madman says:

        That was what I assumed in the end. But at first, I thought the family was American (since Eugenie was apparently burried in Highmount, Pennsylvania), and that Valborg Holmsen was an American of Norwegian descent.

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