Hans Niemann

Birth Name: Hans Moke Niemann

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 20, 2003

Ethnicity: English, Danish, Bohemian Czech, Native Hawaiian, German, Swedish, distant Manx

Hans Niemann is an American chess grandmaster and Twitch streamer. He has been awarded the Grandmaster title by FIDE. In July 2021, he won the World Open chess tournament in Philadelphia.

His father’s ancestry is one quarter Bohemian/Czech, one quarter Danish, one quarter Native Hawaiian, and one quarter a mix of German and English. Hans’ mother is likely of English, one eighth Swedish, one sixteenth Danish, and one 1/32 Manx, descent. Hans lived in Laguna Beach, California, before moving to the Netherlands when he was seven, where he attended the Leonardoschool gifted school; and then settling back in California.

Hans’ paternal grandfather was Brand Lee Niemann (the son of Harold Emil Niemann and Helen J. K. Severa). Brand was born in Nebraska. Harold was the son of William Emil Niemann, whose parents were German, and of Ethel Elaine Hollabaugh, who was of English, and some German, descent. Helen was the daughter of Joseph S. Severa and Emma Chleboun, who were the children of Bohemian Czech parents.

Hans’ paternal grandmother was Tirza Moani Johansen (the daughter of Hans Christian Johansen and Lydia Onipaa Kaloio/Koloyo). Tirza was born in Washington. Hans was born in Horsens, Denmark. Lydia was a Native Hawaiian, and was the daughter of Joseph Aea Kaloio and Lydia Kaunihi Aea.

Hans’ maternal grandfather likely is James Richard Irvine (the son of Robert Floyd Irvine and Grace Smith). James was born in California. Robert was the son of Frank Paddock Irvine, who had English ancestry, and of Clara Anderson, whose parents were Swedish. Grace was the daughter of Isaac Homer Smith and Elizabeth Call, and had English, one quarter Danish, and one eighth Manx, ancestry.

Hans’ maternal grandmother likely is named Kitty.

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