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Birth Name: Guillermo del Toro Gómez

Place of Birth: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Date of Birth: October 9, 1964

Ethnicity: Mexican, as well as around 1/16th or 1/32 Irish

Guillermo del Toro is a Mexican film director, producer, screenwriter, and author. He won the Academy Award for Best Director for The Shape of Water (2017). He has also directed the films Cronos, Mimic, The Devil’s Backbone, Blade II, Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak, Nightmare Alley, and Pinocchio, among others, most of which he also wrote or co-wrote.

He is the son of Guadalupe Gomez Camberos and Federico del Toro Torres, an automative entrepreneur. He lives in Toronto.

Guillermo is married to film historian Kim Morgan. He has two children with his former wife Lorenza Newton. Lorenza is a cousin of Mexican singer Guadalupe Pineda.

His name, translated to English, means William of the Bull.

Guillermo’s paternal grandfather was Julian del Toro Mendez (the son of Francisco del Toro Moreno and Lucia Mendez). Julian was born in Jalisco. Francisco was the son of Jose Francisco Martin del Toro Ochoa and Maria Marselina Del Refugio Moreno Arais. Lucia was the daughter of Jose Guadalupe Mendez and Maria Francisa Valencia Figueroa.

Guillermo’s paternal grandmother was Hermelinda Torres Milanes (the daughter of Bibiana Torres Sanchez and Josefa Milanes Cardenas). Hermelinda was born in Zapotiltic, Jalisco. Bibiana was the son of Jose Maria Torres and Andrea Sanchez.

Guillermo’s maternal grandfather was Jose Guillermo Gomez O’Colligan (the son of Jose Manuel Desiderio Gomez Medina and Maria Ana/Anne O’Colligan Colguiz Scanlan). Guillermo’s grandfather Jose was born in Guadalajara. Guillermo’s great-grandfather Jose was the son of Jose Manuel Melquiades Gomez de la Fuente and Catarina de la Merced Medina Tagle. Maria had Irish ancestry, and was the daughter of Hugo O’Colligan Calying and Marta Scanlan Sebulan.

Guillermo’s maternal grandmother was Susana Camberos Vizcaino (the daughter of Silviano Fortino de Jesus Camberos Vizcaino and Elena Vizcaino Delgado). Susana was born in Guadalajara. Silvano was the son of Silviano Camberos Montenegro and Virginia Vizcaino Cisneros. Elena was the daughter of Vicente Vizcaino/Vizcayno and Josefa Delgado.

Source: Genealogy of Guillermo del Toro –

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  1. archer says:

    He definitely has European ancestry.

  2. andrew says:

    “I was a very strange kid,”
    Guillermo remembers. “I was Aryan
    blond. I was like a German. And I was
    constantly ostracized because I had
    super-bright blue eyes and Roy Batty—
    white hair and was very thin, incredibly
    thin. I was constantly berated as a wimp,
    and I identified with those shortcomings;
    I felt like a freak. The nice, healthy kids
    were all those outgoing kids with dark
    hair and a tan. That’s one of the reasons
    why my villains are like that”

    He has actually no German ancestry, his Wiki should be edited.

  3. Dar says:

    I was reading Wikipedia and it said he had Spanish, Indigenous, Irish, and German ancestry. So this means we could possibly add more to his ethnicity.

    • andrew says:

      The link leads to an article that tells nothing about that.

      It cites his grandmother Josefina (Camberos)

      So he has 4 known surnames in his family tree and they are all Spanish.

      • porkarella says:

        Doesn’t mean he’s mainly Spanish/Spaniard it’s the opposite he’s mainly of other races he’s atypical to be Mexican/Hispanic/Spaniard real native Mexicans/Central-Southern Americans are totally different all dark on Amerindian face like Jennifer Lopez, Taboo, etc. and Spaniards come in three ways black fully Arabs, ethnic part Arabs, white fully Euros these ones are dark haired and dark eyed not light like you probably a Hispanic another colored wannabe white &nordic always mean.
        Sorry for you, accept to be non Euro, accept that the Spaniards you’re related to are dark.
        In ancient time many Euros who immigrate to the Americas the North-Central-South changed their native names and surnames to the new locals so that’s way there are white light haired and eyed Brazilian and Argentinians who hold Portuguese names and surnames the first, and Spanish names and surnames the second even if their racial roots are mainly German, Austrian, Hungarian etc.

        • andrew says:

          Il sito è costruito per investigare la genealogia/etnia di persone celebri, non per dire scemenze o cose a caso, ok?

          • porkarella says:

            Il traduttore che usi per dire brevi frasette per cercare di sembrare ciò che non sei ti ha tradotto male noi non diciamo costruito né investigare parli come pensi da merda nuovamente dimostri che non sai parlare la lingua che dici essere la tua porca troia dici balle e cazzate senza fine sei solo un sudamericano del cazzo crepa bastardo.

          • andrew says:

            Come dice il detto…”il mondo è bello perché è vario”. Quindi non so quali problemi tu abbia, per usare così tante scurrilità gratuite.

          • porkarella says:

            Sei tu il problema racconti balle senza finirla, impiccati.
            Non mi piace che ti spacci per ciò che non sei ma insisti nel farlo e classifichi le razze alla cazzo dacci un taglio subumano colorato.
            Tu e not really siete da prendere a calci nel culo.

          • andrew says:

            Ho già allertato la Polizia Postale.

            Tieniti sveglio perché bussano presto alla porta.

            Ultimo avvertimento.

          • porkarella says:

            Ti dò io l’ultimo avvertimento vedi che ti succede se continui a dire stronzate cazzo minacci che la pula postale ti calcia in culo.
            Ultimo avvertimento.

          • italo says:

            Learn English, this is not an Italian site! I speak 5 language u at lest could try to write English.

        • andrew says:

          Questo commento passa agli annali.


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