Gloria Díaz

Birth Name: Gloria Maria Aspillera Diaz

Place of Birth: Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: March 10, 1951

Ethnicity: Filipino [Ilocano, Bicolano]

Gloria Díaz is a Filipina actress, television host, model, and beauty queen. She is the first Filipina to win Miss Universe, in 1969.

She is the daughter of Teresa “Tita” Aspillera y Colobón, or Teresa Colobón Aspillera in Filipino, a model and socialite, and Jaime “Jimmy” Baltazar Díaz, a lawyer. Her sister was beauty queen Rio Díaz. Her niece, another sister’s daughter, is model, actress, host, and VJ Georgina Wilson. She has three children, including actress, television host, and model Isabelle Daza, with her former husband, businesspeson Gabriel Daza III.

Gloria’s paternal grandfather was Lorenzo Carbonell Díaz (the son of Anacleto Díaz and Catalina Carbonell). Lorenzo was born in Aringay, La Union, Ilocos Region, Philippines. Anacleto was the son of Jose Díaz and Maria Abena.

Gloria’s paternal grandmother was named Joaquina Gorospe Baltazar.

Gloria’s maternal grandfather was Reynaldo Aspillera y Grivialde (or Reynaldo Grivialde Aspillera in Filipino, the son of Juan Aspillera and María Grivialde). Reynaldo was born in Albay, Bicol, Philippines.

Gloria’s maternal grandmother was named María Paz “Pacita” Colobón. María was born in Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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  1. Manila says:

    Please, remove her second given name “Maria” because it is not indicated on her birth certificate. Thanks.

  2. Manila says:

    Place of Birth: Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

    Jaime “Jimmy” B. Diaz and Teresa “Tita’ Colorvon Aspillera -> Jaime “Jimmy” Baltazar Diaz and Teresa “Tita” Aspillera y Colobón (or Teresa Colobón Aspillera in Filipino)

    Gloria’s paternal grandparents were ? Díaz and ? Baltazar.

    ? Grivalde Aspillera -> Reynaldo Aspillera y Grivalde (or Reynaldo Grivalde Aspillera in Filipino

    Pacita Colorvon -> María Paz “Pacita” Colobón

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