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Birth Name: Gina Joy Carano

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 16, 1982

Ethnicity: Italian (3/16ths), English, Scottish, smaller amounts of Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Dutch, and German

Gina Carano is an American actress, television personality, fitness model, MMA fighter, and American Gladiator. She is the daughter of Dana Joy (Cason) and Glenn Thomas Carano, a pro football player.

Gina stated in an interview that she is a fourth-generation Italian American, and has “just a small percentage of Italian” ancestry. Her ancestry is, specifically, three sixteenths (3/16ths) Italian. Her other roots are English, Scottish, and smaller amounts of Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Dutch, and German.

Gina’s paternal grandfather is Donald Louis Carano (the son of Louis Joseph “Louie” Carano and Mildred F. Bisagno). Gina’s great-grandfather Louis’s parents, Benedetto/Bendetto “Ben” Carano and Emelia/Emilia Ferrari, were Italian emigrants, probably from Liguria, Italy. Mildred’s father, Joseph Anthony “Joe” Bisagno, was an Italian emigrant, who was born in Genoa, Liguria, Italy. Mildred’s mother, Sarah Faye “Sadie” Tefft, was from Wisconsin, and was the daughter of Henry B. Tefft and Alice Maud McIntyre. Sarah’s ancestry included English, and more distant Scottish, roots. This means that Gina’s grandfather Donald was of three quarters Italian ancestry.

Gina’s paternal grandmother is Paddy Creek (the daughter of Thomas H. Creek and Patsy Velaris Jones). Paddy was born in California. Thomas was the son of George Washington Creek and Ollie/Alle Clay. Gina’s grandmother Paddy’s ancestry includes English, and some German and Dutch; through this line, Gina’s ten times great-grandmother, Ack-toch Caniachkoo, was a Mohawk Native American.

Gina’s maternal grandfather is Jack Edward Cason (the son of Vernon Dewey Cason and Dallas Smock). Jack was born in Oklahoma, and is a member of the UNLV Athletics Hall of Fame. Vernon was the son of Edward M. Cason and Maude E. Harrison. Dallas was the daughter of James Smock and Melissa.

Gina’s maternal grandmother is Maxine Yvonne Cobb (the daughter of Theo Franklin Cobb and Julia Elizabeth Johnson). Maxine was born in Oklahoma. Theo was the son of Franklin David Cobb and Hattie Gertrude Garrison. Julia was the daughter of Alfred Thomas Johnson and Nettie Maybur Reasoner.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. cwm85 says:

    At first glance thought she was Italian or mestizo… she is more english, Scottish it seems than anything…

  2. noneofyourbusiness says:

    LMAO @ “1/4096 Mohawk Native American”

  3. andrew says:

    the surname Cason is Italian.

  4. Petrarca says:

    I find it amusing how people (particularly European Americans) feel they need to emphasize any Native American Ancestry. In this case, it is negligible. Thereby making it irrelevant. If she has such intimate knowledge of her ancestry, then she should look into her other, European lineages. For example, how Scottish is she really? What clans? Were they descended from vikings or picts? Or her german ancestry. Were they Kashubians? Alsatians? Frisians? She is white as snow and if she were to ever claim she is “Native” that would be an direct insult to the face of Real Native Americans.

    • nnnnn says:

      I find it amusing too, especially, that everybody in
      Hollywood has “1/4096” native ancestry.
      If you added “native” to ancestry, you can add “cro-magnon” as well. The only difference, she HAS cro-
      magnon genes in any case

    • Check7t says:

      She never said she was part Native — Follers is just pedantic and adds every minor part of your ancestry.

  5. tewkewl says:

    she is in fact italian. she says she’s just a small percentage because she’s not in fact of the nation of italy. she has sited that she does a lot of cultural italian stuff with her fam. so she considers herself mostly american and a small percentage italian. but ethnically, she is at least half italian… she definitely looks italian

    • larry says:

      she look italian really? how italian looks like? and how american looks like?
      go to check in youtube this famous north italian women “federica fontana” ilary blasi, antonella clerici, paola barale,alessia marcuzzi,
      italians are not a race but a nation made up in 1861, go to check on yahoo racial reality italian

    • ricksterflo says:

      Yeah only her ethnicity is american or italian american or italian. There is never usually past two influences in living and one culture. A person cannot be several cultures,yet they can have relation to see and understand some aspects of several cultures.

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