Ewan McGregor

McGregor in 2012, image via kathclick/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Ewan Gordon McGregor

Place of Birth: Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

Date of Birth: 31 March, 1971

Ethnicity: Scottish, as well as one sixteenth German

Ewan McGregor is a Scottish actor and director.

Ewan is the son of Carol Diane (Lawson), a teacher, and James Charles Stewart “Jim” McGregor, a teacher and careers master. Ewan’s uncle is actor and director Dennis Lawson. Ewan has four children, including model Clara McGregor, with his former wife, production designer Eva Mavrakis; and a son with his partner, American actress and singer Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Ewan’s paternal grandfather was James Peter McGregor (the son of James W. MacGregor and Emily Cramb). Ewan’s grandfather James was born in Crieff, Perthshire. Ewan’s great-grandfather James was the son of Alexander McGregor and Janet Stewart. Emily was the daughter of Henry Cramb and Elizabeth McGregor.

Ewan’s paternal grandmother was Isabella McMillan Clark McIndoe (the daughter of Juan/John Charles McIndoe and Mary Forrester Clark). Juan was born in Chile, to a Scottish father, Robert McIndoe, and Wilhelmina Landmann/Kraus, who was likely of German ancestry. Mary Forrester was born in Lanarksh, Scotland, the daughter of George W. Clark and Isabella McMillan.

Ewan’s maternal grandfather was Laurence Lawson (the son of Alexander Dobbie Lawson and Diana McCulloch Brown). Lawrence was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire. Alexander was the son of Lawrence Lawson and Elizabeth Dobbie. Diana was the daughter of James Brown and Christina McCulloch.

Ewan’s maternal grandmother was named Phyllis/Phyliss Neno Stamper.

In 2016, Ewan said:

I’m not a religious person… I’m married to a Jewish woman [then-wife Eva Mavrakis], so my children are Jewish and my involvement in religion has more to do with the Jewish faith now and not the Christian faith, which I was very vaguely brought up in… My parents were not religious, but my school had prayers at morning assembly… So my early understanding of religion was the Protestant faith in Scotland. But my experience is no longer that.

Eva Mavrakis was raised in France, and is of Greek-Sephardi Jewish ancestry. Ewan’s daughters had Bat Mitzvah ceremonies.

More information about Ewan’s family’s religion can be read here.

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  1. andrew says:

    His daughter Clara McGregor is a model

  2. gel says:

    Ah, from the Highlands, from the Irish!

  3. cwm85 says:

    My fellow Scotsman. My greatgrand father was Scottish. McDonald is our surname. He married a native, english mix woman. They had a son, my grandfather had a son… and rest is history. Here I am from ancestry from Scotland.

  4. andrew says:

    he was great in Trainspotting

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