Eva Marcille

Birth Name: Eva Marcille Pigford

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 30, 1984

*Puerto Rican (father)
*African-American (mother)

Eva Marcille is an American actress, model, and television personality. She was previously credited under her birth name Eva Pigford. Her father, Evan Anthony Pigford, is Puerto Rican. Her mother, Michelle Yvette Smith, is African-American.

Eva was the winner of the third cycle of America’s Next Top Model. She was the first African-American contestant to win the program.

Her middle name, Marcille, is a combination of the names of her grandmothers, Marjorie and Lucille.

Eva is married to attorney Michael Sterling. She has a daughter with her former partner, rapper, musician, actor, and record producer Kevin McCall; and a son with Michael.

Eva’s maternal grandfather is named Lester Smith.

Eva’s maternal grandmother is Lucille Tomlin (the daughter of Riley T. Tomlin). Riley was born in Texas, the son of William H. Tomlin and Lina Evans.

Sources: Information about the Tomlin family – http://www.tomlinfamilyreunion.org

Marriage record of Eva’s parents – https://familysearch.org

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. bray_192 says:

    Eva Pigfor is not mixed. Her father is not Puerto Rican of Taino descent. Her father is Puerto Rican of African descent. Which means he is descended from African slaves. He is no more mixed than African Americans. His hair is real coily. and course.

    Here’s a picture to all you non blacks he like to claim nice looking black people

    This is her father


    Her mother which is black


    so to all you haters trying to claim somebody who’s black as mixed need to go sit some where.

    • jstiger says:

      CLASSIC!! Discredit Dark skinned Puerto Ricans, and promote Lighter ones by claiming that were are 2 separate people!
      I guess you own DNA glasses huh?

      I don’t know if you’re a wannabe or a just a ignorant person but you are wrong!!!

      Guess What, WE ARE TRI-RACIAL (trinity)!!!!
      Just about EVERY Puerto Rican Has some African, Some Taino, and Some Spanish blood, just in different amounts regardless of looks.

      I have people in my family that look like Ricky Martin, Sammy Sosa, and Rosie Perez.
      Genes express differently in each person, That’s why Vanessa Williams is only around 30 something % Euro and look more Euro that Obama whom is 50% Euro!!!

      To prove my point, my cousin studied genetics at Columbia University.
      Here are the genetic FACTS!!!!:

      Average Puerto Rican Gene Samples:
      •AIMs (53.3% Eur/29.1% West-Afr./17.6% Natives)
      •mtDNA (12.5 % Eur/26% West-Afr./61% Natives// 53% Amerindians)
      •Blood markers (45% Eur/ 37% West-Afr./ 18% Natives)
      •Y-Chr ( 80% Eur/  20% Afr.)
      •Others (60% Eur/25% Afr./15% Natives-Simulated)


      Soy puertorriqueño!!!!!!!!!!
      And I would change that for anyone!!!!!

      • jstiger says:

        Pardon my english readers its my second language.
        However in addition I want to show list some examples:

        George Lopez – 55% Euro, 32% native, 9% asian, 4% African.
        Jessica Alba – 0% asian, 0% african, 13% native, 87% european.
        Charles Barkley – 0% Asian, 14% native, 11% Euro, 75% african.
        Snoop Dog – 0% asian, 23% native, 6% euro, 71% african.
        Larry David – 63% euro, 37% native.

        In general if you are over 60% you tend to look like the 60% but not always.

  2. ooo says:



  3. What? says:

    This woman is BLACK. Puerto Rican is not a race idiots. Her parents are BLACK! She stated that she was BLACK! It is obvious that she is not mixed.

  4. lauren says:

    Scienfically the father genes is domaint so that makes her puetro rican.

  5. LMFAO says:

    People are so ignorant ! Why is it so hard to understand that just because you have black in you that doesnt make you black ! It makes you mixed or multi racial…leave it to ignorant African American to try & claim everybody for there race not trying to put yall down because its not everybody but wake up. You let white people brain wash you for so long that you actually believe that once you have black in you thats it…give me a break cabrons ! So what your saying is if your black & puerto rican you are black. So you cant claim the Puerto rican side do you know how hurtful & disrespectful that is to the other parent. smh we live in such a ignorant society. All of yall should visit PR sometime it aint like America. When you in PR you r puerto rican no black no white just puerto rican leave it to america to catagorize people

    • Afro_Nerd5 says:

      If you know more you’d know Puerto Rican is not a race. I have seen Eva’s father before living in LA and he is just as black as her mother he just happens to be from Puerto Rico which is another place where both Europeans and Africans went. The people their are descendants of Europeans and Africans just like the US. Some are black some are white others are somewhere in between do your research before you post next time.

      • LMFAO says:

        Like i said go to PR sometime we do not have this white and black shyt ! & all you have to do is ask someone who is Puerto Rican & they will tell you that that is their race so take yur know it all shyt somewhere else cause I aint tryin to here it. Do you even know someone who PR ? Thought soo.

    • MandaChick! says:

      How dare you post such an IDIOTIC, USELESS and RACIST comment! “Ignorant African-Americans trying to claim everybody for THEIR race?” Who the hell are you to call anyone ignorant? In regards to Eva’s ethnicity, I wasn’t surprised at all. In my opinion, she definitely appears to be of mixed hispanic & black heritage, but at the same time I’ve only heard her refer to herself as “Black.” No one’s saying that she is SOLELY of Black heritage, because in most cases NO ONE’s (especially if you’re American) ethnic background consists solely of any 1 race. My mother is Black and my father is Black & Blackfoot N/A. I consider myself “Black” all the same, as do many ppl of mixed heritage. Eva happens to be one of them. The only person acting “IGNORANT” is you!

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