Emma Stone

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Birth Name: Emily Jean Stone

Place of Birth: Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 6, 1988

Ethnicity: Swedish (paternal grandfather), German, as well as Welsh, Irish, English, Scottish, and Swiss-German

Emma Stone is an American actress. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for La La Land (2016). She became well known for her roles in the films Superbad (2007) and The House Bunny (2008), as well as for having starred, since then, in the films Easy A (2010), The Help (2011), The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), Gangster Squad (2013), Birdman (2014), and The Favourite (2018). Often seen with red hair, she is a natural blonde.

Emma is the daughter of Krista and Jeffrey Stone. Her paternal grandfather is of Swedish descent. Much of Emma’s other ancestry is German. She also has Welsh, Irish, English, Scottish, and Swiss-German ancestry. Her maternal grandparents were from families that had lived in the United States for many generations, specifically in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Emma is married to comedian, writer, and director Dave McCary, with whom she has one child.

In the film Aloha (2015), Emma played Allison Ng, a character who was mentioned in the film as having a father who was of half Chinese and half Hawaiian descent, and a mother who was white, of Swedish descent. The casting received criticism, and the film’s director, Cameron Crowe, apologized. Emma is not of Asian heritage.

Emma’s paternal grandfather is Conrad Ostberg Stone (the son of Conrad August Stone and Florence Jeanette Ostberg). Emma’s grandfather Conrad was born in Pennsylvania. Emma’s great-grandfather Conrad was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Swedish immigrants, Carl/Charles Johan/John Sten, from Svenljunga, Mårdaklev, Älvsborgs län, and Hilma Josephina Bengston/Bengtson. Emma’s great-grandmother Florence was born in Ohio, also to Swedish parents, Johann/Johan/John Gottfried/Gottfrid Östberg, from Hanhals, and Johanna Albertina/Altina Lindström, from Brandstorp, Orebro. The surname Sten was changed to Stone.

Emma’s paternal grandmother was Margaret Jean Moran (the daughter of John Henry Moran and Margaret Jane Davies). Emma’s grandmother Margaret was born in Ohio. John was the son of Patrick Moran, who was born in Canada, to Irish parents, and of Melvina/Vina/Anna Mary Peak. Emma’s great-grandmother Margaret was born in Wales, and was the daughter of Richard B. Davies/Davis and a woman surnamed Magley.

Emma’s maternal grandfather was Donald Earl “Don” Yeager (the son of Irvin Sylvester Yeager and Esther Katharine Parks). Donald was born in Pennsylvania. Irvin was the son of Sylvester Noll Yeager and Mary/Mamie E. Burke. Esther was the daughter of Alfred Parks and Ann/Annie Gertrude Knuffman/Knufmann/Kauffman.

Emma’s maternal grandmother is Jean Louise Eiseman (the daughter of Cyrus Robert Iceman/Eiseman/Eiceman and Ruth Ann Henry). Jean was born in Pennsylvania. Cyrus was the son of Robert Patterson Eiceman and Esther Lurline/Lurine Hoffman. Ruth was the daughter of Jackson Henry and Eliza/Lydia Jane Turner.

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  1. jonasbttencourt says:

    She is very german, but i can see the brittish in her. If she does a DNA test, my guess wold 37-43% german and around 28% brittish&irish

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    The redhair is perfect for her, it’s crazy how it looks more natural than when she is with her own blonde hair. It’s like water to whine. Really does an upgrade in her looks.

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