Egils Levits

Place of Birth: Riga, Latvia

Date of Birth: 30 June, 1955

*father – Ashkenazi Jewish
*mother – Latvian, German

Egils Levits is a Latvian politician, lawyer, political scientist, and jurist. He has served as President of Latvia, since 8 July, 2019. He has also been Minister of Justice of Latvia, from 3 August, 1993 to 19 September, 1994, and Vice-Prime Minister of Latvia, from 3 August, 1993 to 19 September, 1994, among other duties.

Egils is the son of poet Ingeborga Levite (born Ingeborga Bargs) and Jonass Levits, an engineer. His mother used the pen name Aija Zemzare. His father was Ashkenazi Jewish. His mother was said to have had Baltic German ancestry, as well as Latvian. The family was expelled from the USSR in 1972 because of anti-government activities, and settled in West Germany, before returning to Latvia in 1990 after it became independent again.

Egils is married to Andra Levite, with whom he has two children.

Egils’ paternal grandfather was named Moiseja/Mozus Levita (the son of Arons Levits).

Egils’ maternal grandfather was Jānis Ermansons (the son of Jānis Ermansons and Anete Olga Natālija Šteinbergs). Jānis was the son of Mārtiņš Ermansons.

Egils’ maternal grandmother’s surname was Bargs.

Source: Genealogy of Egils Levits –

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