Edvard Munch

Date of Birth: 12 December, 1863

Place of Birth: Ådalsbruk, Løten, Sweden–Norway

Date of Death: 23 January, 1944

Place of Death: Oslo, Norway

Ethnicity: Norwegian, as well as distant Danish, German, and Swedish

Edvard Munch was a Norwegian painter. He is known for his painting The Scream (1893). He also painted Madonna and The Sick Child.

Edvard was the son of Laura Catherine (Bjølstad) and Christian Munch, who was a doctor and medical officer. Edvard was related to painter Jacob Munch and historian Peter Andreas Munch. His family moved to Christiania during his childhood.

Edvard’s paternal grandfather was Edvard Storm Munch (the son of Sogneprest Peter Sørensen Munch and Christine Sophie Johansdatter Storm). Edvard’s grandfather Edvard was born in Vågå prestegård, Vågå, Oppland. Peter was the son of Søren/Sören Rasmussen/Rasmussön Munch and Kristine Edvardsdatter Røring, whose father was born in Aalborg, Ålborg, Denmark, and appeared to have been of Danish, German, and Norwegian descent. Edvard’s great-grandmother Christine was the daughter of Sogneprest Johannes/Johan Mikkelsen Storm, who had at least partial Swedish ancestry, and of Magdalena/Magdalene Axelsdatter/Axeldotter Stub or Ingeborg Birgitte Røring.

Edvard’s paternal grandmother was Johanne Sophie Andreasdtr/Andreasdatter Hofgaard (the daughter of Sogneprest Andreas Hofgaard and Mette Abigaiel/Abigael Petersen/Petersdatter). Johanne was born in Skjeberg, Østfold. Andreas was the son of Sogneprest Ambrosius Flor Hofgaard and Else Hansdatter Schmidt. Mette was the daughter of Andreas Petersen and Petronelle Christensdatter, Løvberget.

Edvard’s maternal grandfather was Skipsreder Andreas Larsen Bjølstad (the son of Lars Larsen Bjølstad and Karen Frantzdatter Bjølstad). Andreas was born in Bjølstad/Åsgård, Glemmen, Østfold. Lars was the son of Andreas Larsen Bjølstad and Berthe Bentsdatter Bjølstad. Karen was the daughter of Frantz Jacobsen Rød/Busmund and Inger Jensdatter Rød.

Edvard’s maternal grandmother was Inger Marie Hansdatter Holm (the daughter of Sergeant Hans Olsen Holm and Margrethe Jensdatter Rød). Inger was born in Fuglenebb gård, Torsnes, Fredrikstad, Ostfold. Hans was the son of Peder Johansen Hunn and Ole Jørgensen Fuglenebb. Margrethe was the daughter of Sergeant Jens Andersen Rød and Johanne Pedersdatter Hunn.

Source: Genealogy of Edvard Munch – https://www.geni.com

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