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95-106 Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012 - Arrivals

Sheeran in 2012, photo by PR Photos

Birth Name: Edward Christopher Sheeran

Place of Birth: Halifax, Yorkshire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 17 February, 1991

Ethnicity: Irish, English, some Manx [Isle of Man]

Ed Sheeran is a British singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and actor. He is the son of Imogen Lock, a culture publicist and jewellery designer, and John Sheeran, an art curator and lecturer. His parents ran art consultancy Sheeran Lock. His brother, Matthew Sheeran, is a composer. He was raised partly in Framlingham, Suffolk. Ed is also known as Angelo Mysterioso. He is said to be a second cousin of Northern Irish journalist and broadcaster Gordon Burns.

Ed is married to Cherry Seaborn, with whom he has two children.

A DNA test whose results Ed displayed on his Instagram page stated that his genetic ancestry consists of:

*50% Ireland and Scotland
*44% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe
*6% Norway

His Irish results matched Leinster, Ireland.

Ed’s paternal grandfather was William Murray “Bill” Sheeran (the son of James Henry Callow Sheeran and Rachael Eveline Murray). William was Irish. James was born on Douglas, Isle of Man, the son of Arthur Edward Sheeran, who was born in Elland, Yorkshire, England, and of Catherine Callow, who was born on Maughold, on the Isle of Man.

Ed’s paternal grandmother is Anne/Ann Nancy Mulligan (the daughter of Thomas Mulligan and Mary Anne Kavanagh). Ed’s grandmother Anne was from North Wexford, Ireland. Thomas was the son of Thomas Mulligan and Mary Brown. Ed’s great-grandmother Mary Anne was the daughter of James Kavanagh and Mary Anne/Ann Doyle.

Ed’s maternal grandfather is Stephen P. Lock (the son of Wallace Henry Lock and Edith M. Bailey). Stephen was born in Romford, Essex, England. Wallace was the son of Arthur Lock.

Ed’s maternal grandmother is named Shirley G. Walker (the daughter of Edwin Walker).

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  1. Manila says:

    Thomas was the son of Thomas Mulligan and Mary Brown.

    Mary Kavanagh’s middle name is Anne, and her mother was Mary Anne Doyle.

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