Demi Moore

Moore in 2011, Helga Esteb/

Place of Birth: Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 11, 1962

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, some Scots-Irish/Northern Irish

Demi Moore is an American actress, model, filmmaker, and songwriter. Her roles include the films Parasite 3D, The Seventh Sign, Ghost, A Few Good Men, Disclosure, The Scarlet Letter, G.I. Jane, and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

Demi’s biological father was Charles Foster Harmon, Sr., who had left Demi’s mother, Beverley/Beverly Virginia (King), before Demi was born. Demi was raised by her mother and stepfather, Dan Guynes. Demi has three children with her former husband, actor Bruce Willis, including actress Rumer Willis. Her surname is from her first husband, musician Freddy Moore.

Most of Demi’s recent ancestors were born in the U.S., specifically, for the most part, the American South, with many of her traceable foreign-born ancestors being English and Scottish.

Demi is a follower of Kabbalah.

Demi’s maternal grandfather was William Marshall King (the son of Edward McDowell “Mack” King and Blanche Campbell). William was born in Texas or Oklahoma. Blanche was the daughter of John Alexander Campbell and Betty LaVelle Carr.

Demi’s maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Marie Metcalf (the daughter of John Carrol Metcalf and Effie May Graves). Elizabeth was born in New Mexico. John was the son of Warner William Metcalf, Jr. and Martha Catherine Gunn. Effie was the daughter of George Aaron Graves and Elizabeth “Bettie” Childers.

Demi’s paternal grandparents possibly were Clarence Lamar Harmon and Minnie Ruth Compton.

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  1. passingtime85 says:

    Shouldn’t her real first name, Demetria, be listed somewhere in this profile?

      • passingtime85 says:

        Yeah right. Just like Rebel Wilson’s first name really is Rebel.

        • follers says:

          I’m not sure what you’re saying. Is it that Demetria must be Moore’s birth name because she was so much more likely to have been named Demetria than Demi? I mean, what even?

          • passingtime85 says:

            I saw a short documentary on her life and career today and it said her name was Demetria. I googled it and came upon publications that have printed her name as Demetria. Then I concurred that her name is most likely not simply Demi, as it inherently sounds like its short for something. Then I came here and posted my question.

            Then you posted her own response to the accusation.

            I instantly made an association with another famous person that denies her first name. It was gut reaction. Just normal human thought process.

  2. andrew says:

    Demi took her professional name from her first husband Freddy Moore.

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