Darren E. Burrows

Place of Birth: Winfield, Kansas, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 12, 1966

*father – English, Bohemian/Czech, Irish

Darren E. Burrows is an American actor and director. His roles include the films 976-EVIL, Cry-Baby, Amistad, Sunset Strip, and Forty Shades of Blue, and the series TV 101 and Northern Exposure.

Darren is the son of actor Billy Drago (born William Eugene Burrows). His stepmother was actress, acting coach, and writer Silvana Gallardo, to whom his father was married, until her death. Darren was partly raised near Aulne, Kansas. Darren is married to Melinda Delgado, and has four children.

Darren’s paternal grandfather was William Franklin Burrows (the son of William Franklin Burrows and Abbie Hull). Darren’s grandfather William was born in Kansas. Darren’s great-grandfather William was the son of John Riley Burrows, Jr. and Nancy/Nance Wells/Welles Cory. Abbie was the daughter of John Hull, who was English, and of Eliza Johnson.

Darren’s paternal grandmother was Gladys Marie Wilcox (the daughter of Clarence William Wilcox and Beatrice K. Libick/Libich). Gladys was born in Kansas. Clarence was the son of William Lincoln Wilcox and Cora Alice Lutsey. Beatrice was from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and was of Bohemian origin, the daughter of Josef Libick and Julie, possibly Drazen.

Darren’s father had been described as being of Chiricahua Apache Native American descent on his own father’s side, and Romani descent on his own mother’s side. It is not clear if this is accurate.

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  1. madman says:

    Does anyone know what relation his grandmother Grace Mallory has to Joseph Clyde Mallory? She is listed as his relative here:

    Joseph was the son of Rita Torres.

    There are church records of an Elisa Graciela Mallory born to a Rita Mallory in Caracas, but she is too close in age to Joseph to be his brother.

    There was a Venezuelan-born Rita Torres in New York in 1940, who had children with the surname Mallory.

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