Dane Boe

Birth Name: Dane Willard Boedigheimer

Place of Birth: Itasca, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: September 28, 1978

*25% German
*18.75% Finnish
*18.75% Swedish
*12.5% Norwegian
*12.5% French-Canadian
*6.25% Swiss-German
*3.125% Polish
*3.125% either Swiss-German or Polish

Dane Boe is an American filmmaker, singer, actor, and YouTube personality. He is the son of Julie Ann (Barsness) and Peter John Boedigheimer. His brother is YouTube personality Luke Boedigheimer.

Dane’s father is of one half German, three eighths Finnish, and one eighth Swedish, descent. Dane’s mother is of one quarter Norwegian, one quarter French-Canadian, one quarter Swedish, one eighth Swiss-German, one sixteenth Polish, and one sixteenth either Swiss-German or Polish, descent.

In total, this makes Dane of 1/4 German, 3/16 Finnish, 3/16 Swedish, 1/8 Norwegian, 1/8 French-Canadian, 1/16 Swiss-German, 1/32 Polish, and 1/32 Swiss-German or Polish, descent.

Dane’s paternal grandfather was Leonard Aloysius Boedigheimer (the son of William John Boedigheimer and Mary Elizabeth Schornack). William was the son of Joseph A. Boedigheimer, who had German ancestry, and of Julia Schekall/Czekalla, who was German. Mary was the daughter of German parents, John Schornack and Wilhelmina Loerzel.

Dane’s paternal grandmother was Thelma Mabel Haapala (the daughter of Oscar Haapala and Mamie/Mayme). Oscar was the son of Andrew Haapala, who was Finnish, and of Josepana, who was Swedish. Mamie/Mayme was born in Minnesota, to Finnish parents.

Dane’s maternal grandfather was Willard Duane Barsness (the son of Peder Martin Bjelde Barsness and Albina Marie Louise Plante). Peder was the son of Peder P. Barsness, who was Norwegian, and of Anna Marie Johnson, who was born in Wisconsin to Norwegian parents. Albina was the daughter of French-Canadian parents, Louis Plante and Mary Louise Clairmont.

Dane’s maternal grandmother was Betty Ann Theresa Halling (the daughter of Melvin Sylvester Halling and Elizabeth Louis Marty). Melvin was the son of Peter Halling, who was Swedish, and of Annie, who was born in Massachusetts to Swedish parents. Elizabeth was the daughter of Zackries/Zacharias Marty, whose parents were Swiss-German, and of Katherine/Catherine Wochnick, whose father was Polish. Katherine’s mother was either Magdalena Fessler, who was Swiss-German, or Sofa Symalla, who was Polish.

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